Richard Rogoski

‘Smart’ patch could nix insulin injections

A penny-sized patch under development could replace daily insulin injections for diabetics. Read More »

Word recognition tests for early-onset Alzheimer’s

What's the difference between "curtains" and "sgarnce"? Recognizing real words among nonsense words could help diagnose early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Read More »

EHRs and predictive analytics help prevent falls in nursing homes

A study shows that eletcronic health record data combined with predictive analytics can help prevent falls in the elderly. Read More »

HIEs could improve patient outcomes for nursing homes

Communication through health information exchanges could help nursing homes improve patient outcomes. Read More »

Study shows benefits of wearable ventilation technology in respiration therapy

Wearable ventilation device can increase physical activity in those with chronic respiratory disease, notes a new study. Read More »

Nurses revamp discharge summaries

A project led by nurses is attempting to automate the discharge process to reduce hospital readmissions. Read More »

Detailed brain imaging advances Alzheimer’s treatment options

Advanced imaging technology could help treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Read More »

Medalogix partners with Homecare Homebase

The partnership between Medalogix and Homecare Homebase will provide analytics to an already well-known long-term care software solution. Read More »

Bayer to divest its diabetes care business

Panasonic Healthcare Holdings to buy diabetes care business, including several popular blood glucose monitor devices, from Bayer AG. Read More »

Caremerge launches chronic care coordination solution

Bridging the gap between physicians, residents and families, Caremerge launches a chronic care management solution that takes care coordination reimbursement into account. Read More »

Frequency-embedded fabric aids circulation

A wearable fabric device that uses electromagnetic pulses can boost blood flow and blood oxygen levels, its developer says. Read More »

Nurses’ use of smartphones on the rise

A new survey shows a rise in nurses' use of smartphones in clinical settings. Read More »

CMS opens data to entrepreneurs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will make its Medicare data available to entrepreneurs with the mission of improving healthcare processes.  Read More »

Partnership creates new app for Alzheimer’s disease

An entertainment company and a software developer create a new app for monitoring Alzheimer’s disease. Read More »

Wearable device has built-in intelligence

A new wearable device can “sense” an individual’s everyday patterns and behaviors. Read More »

Chronic disease apps could boost mHealth market by 33%: Report

An analysis of the industry predicts double-digit growth for the mHealth market, driven greatly by mobile monitoring of chronic diseases. Read More »

Mobile monitoring options growing: Study

A new study shows the growing array of monitoring devices and applications now available. Will the popularity of such devices make it easier to track your residents' wellness? Read More »

AMIA offers recommendations for greater EHR adoption

The American Medical Informatics Association offers 10 recommendations for the adoption of electronic health records. Read More »

Computer system could help predict Alzheimer’s, diabetes risks

The University of Alberta has developed a computer system that can analyze blood or spinal fluid for risk traits long before diseases develop. Read More »

New technology speeds testing for bacteria’s resistance

New diagnostic technology can cut the testing time for identifying antibiotic-resistant bacteria from days to hours. Read More »

Interoperability a must for healthcare: Analysis

Interoperability and connectivity are needed to transform healthcare, according to a new analysis. Read More »

Dementia screening by phone

A new study shows that most older adults support telephone screening for dementia. Read More »

LeadingAge updates IT planning workbook

LeadingAge adds new features to its strategic information technology planning workbook for long-term/post-acute care providers. Read More »

Phoebe Services Pharmacy earns IMM certification

Phoebe Services Pharmacy earns integrated medication management certification from PointClickCare. Read More »

Study shows potential of electronic wound healing technology

A new study shows that electronic stimulation accelerates wound healing. Read More »

Dissatisfaction with healthcare billing is growing: Study

A study by PwC shows growing dissatisfaction with healthcare billing and payment systems. Read More »

Robotic walker gives seniors more independence

A robotic walker can help seniors navigate their residences or public places. Read More »

ONC funds startups for senior mHealth

Six startup companies focused on digital health and care coordination get new funding from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Read More »

Continuous vitals monitoring reduces readmissions: Study

The use of a continuous vitals monitoring system can reduce hospital readmissions, according to a recent study. Read More »

RTMS adds QM tool to analyze quality data on the fly

Real Time Medical Systems launches a quality measures tool to complement its flagship analytics solution. Read More »