Study shows benefits of wearable ventilation technology in respiration therapy

Clinical data released by Irvine, Calif.-based Breathe Technologies showed that its wearable ventilation system can lead to significant increases in physical activity and exercise endurance in those suffering from chronic respiratory disease.

Weighing only one pound, the Breathe NIOV (Non-Invasive Open Ventilation) system was tested on seven of 16 patients with chronic respiratory disease in a pulmonary rehabilitation setting. Those using the NIOV technology showed a mean exercise duration change of approximately 63 percent or 24.4 minutes versus 15.2 minutes in the control group.

The system also proved to reduce shortness of breath and increased oxygenation.

"We are excited to see an ongoing trend of positive study results that continue to reinforce the clinical value of NIOV in improving exercise endurance in patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency who might otherwise be sedentary due to their conditions," said Larry Mastrovich, president and CEO of Breathe Technologies in a press release.

Topics: Rehabilitation , Technology & IT , Wearables