Partnership creates new app for Alzheimer’s disease

California-based Fanfare Entertainment LLC, which develops mobile apps for fans of music, sports and other entertainment venues, has partnered with Muses Labs, a provider of software solutions for the care and treatment of those living with Alzheimer’s disease. The partnership will provide those with Alzheimer’s disease—as well as their caregivers, family members and healthcare providers—a set of monitoring, measuring, testing, tracking, adherence and motivating tools.

Set for release this fall, the new app utilizes Muses Labs’ MEND (metabolic enhancement for neurodegeneration) Protocol which targets multiple biological mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease simultaneously to create a personalized therapy.

“For a protocol to be effective, individuals have to be able to adhere to it,” said Vik Chandra, Muses Labs’ CEO in a press release. “Fanfare’s unique platform, skills, and ability to leverage the latest eHealth developments from vendors such as Apple are key to enabling patients to adhere to their protocols and to collaborate with their physicians and caregivers. The capabilities of Muses Labs and Fanfare together will lead a transformation in the care of individuals with complex diseases.”

Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia , Technology & IT