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I Advance Senior Care is the industry-leading source for practical, in-depth, business-building, and resident care information for owners, executives, administrators, and directors of nursing at assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, post-acute facilities, and continuing care retirement communities. I Advance Senior Care editorial team and industry experts provide market analysis, strategic direction, policy commentary, clinical best-practices, business management, and technology breakthroughs.

I Advance Senior Care is part of the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care and published by Plain-English Health Care.

Meet our Editorial Advisory Board

Dan Ansel, founder and president of Active Daily Living
Reverend Dr. Derrick C. DeWitt Sr., President of the Board of Directors for the Maryland Baptist Aged Home Development Corporation
Alan Horowitz
Leah Klusch
Mike McClernon, Senior Placement Advisor, Assisted Living Locators
Mike McClernon, Senior Placement Advisor, Assisted Living Locators
Alison Teitelbaum

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Alan C. Horowitz
Anthony Cirillo
Bernie Reifkind
Craig Fukushima
Dan Ansel
Daniel Lummis
Derrick DeWitt, Sr.
Elaine Howley
Gary Tetz
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Jason Bring
John Derr
Jon Forknell
Karen Smith
Kathleen Mears
Kevin Kolus
Lois Bowers
Luke Fannon
Megan Combs
Mike McClernon
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Pamela Tabar
Patricia Sheehan
Penny Patnaude
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Robert Gatty
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