Mobile monitoring options growing: Study

An online search of mobile devices and applications available to the general public and healthcare providers for monitoring health and exercise shows a wide array of options that are consistently increasing—as is the acceptance of older adults to monitor their chronic conditions.

Quianta Moore, JD, MD, a scholar in health policy at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, conducted the search in April and May and compiled a list of approximately 170 devices and applications—many of which target chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Technology has permeated every sector of the market, making services and goods faster, cheaper and mobile,” Moore said in a press release. “Not surprisingly, advancements in technology have also increased access to health information and self-monitoring for individual consumers, as well as increased health care providers’ ability to diagnose, monitor or treat their patients remotely. Our search results presented numerous options for consumers, patients and healthcare providers to address a variety of health concerns and increase access to healthcare.”

Although not an exhaustive list, Moore said her study shows a growing interest by members of the public to take more control over their own health.

Topics: Technology & IT