Improve depression symptoms with exercise

The results of 51 different studies don't lie: Exercise improves depression symptoms. Read More »

The rainbow connection: Making your facility LGBT friendly

For some LGBT seniors, assimilation—not exclusion—in LTC is the goal. Tips to make diversity a positive influence in your community. Read More »

The dish on dining

Surveys repeatedly cite food as a major factor in customer satisfaction. If residents and their families aren’t happy with meals, they tend to find fault in other service areas. Read More »

Warmer temperatures—outside and in

Bring a sweater. It's difficult to maintain an air temperature that satisfies all residents in a congregate living setting. Some residents may be too warm and others may be too cold when the air conditioning kicks on. Read More »

Senior housing a hot market: Report

Senior living is expected to be the second-most active segment of the multifamily housing area over the next three years, and trends related to older adults will be shaping real estate efforts for years to come, according to a new report. Read More »

Plan for a tornado emergency

No strangers to severe storms, two long-term care execs at an Oklahoma CCRC pose four questions about preparing for this natural disaster. Read More »

Memories of Bill

In long-term care, residents can observe and interact with each other in a variety of ways. When a resident passes, his LTC friends take time to remember. Read More »

A deadly fire sweeps through nursing home in Central China

The importance of complying with fire suppression regulations in U.S. nursing home facilities is underscored by a recent report of a Chinese nursing home destroyed by an undetermined blaze. Read More »

Guests at mealtime

Every facility dining room has its own culture. The atmosphere may be casual or formal.  When it is disrupted by surprise visitors, however, residents and staff may need to adapt. Read More »

CVS expands pharmacy reach with $12.7 billion Omnicare deal

Omnicare acquisition expands CVS Health Corporation’s reach into providing pharmacy services to assisted living and long-term care facilities. Read More »

How to attract volunteers to your community

Are you excited about the state of the volunteer program in your building? If not, then take these steps to change things for the better. Read More »

HIPAA privacy meets BYOD

Communication devices are everywhere. Indiscriminate use of “bring your own device” policies can threaten privacy for residents and your organization. Read More »

A case of scabies

Caregiving and assistance with activities of daily living in institutional settings require close body contact. If unknown rashes appear, implement infection control procedures. Read More »

Sudden weight loss may be a precursor to frailty

Frailty is not an inevitable consequence of aging. For some older Americans, however, weight loss can contribute to dependence on mobility devices and more assistance with ADLs. Read More »

Using the Readmission RRT (rapid response tool)

A new plan focuses on the reduction of avoidable transfers of residents from post-acute care facilities to hospitals and emergency department admissions. Read More »

Pharmacy group pleased with revised 21st Century Cures language

The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition says it is pleased with the Energy and Commerce Committee’s revised language in draft 21st Century Cures legislation it is considering related to programs to prevent prescription drug abuse under Medicare Parts C and D. Read More »

Decorations highlight holidays

It might be a small gesture, but residents appreciate the time that staff--especially Activities staff--take to brighten the environment with colorful reminders of seasons, celebrations and people enjoying facilty events. Read More »

Larry Minnix reflects on his seriously fun time as LeadingAge chief

Looming federal elections present the perfect time to step aside and let a successor fill his shoes, LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix tells Long-Term Living in an exclusive interview. Read More »

5 predictions about the future of senior living

CEOs from five senior living providers gazed into their crystal balls and shared five predictions about the future of the industry during the annual meeting of the Assisted Living Federation of America. Read More »

Legislation to speed new drug development under way on Capitol Hill

The “21st Century Cures” initiative would spur innovation and drug “repurposing” to attack Alzheimer's and other difficult-to-treat diseases. Read More »

Intergenerational program is ‘a perfect match’

A continuing care retirement community receives national exposure for a program that uses technology to help older adults in the United States feel valued and assists students in Brazil with improving their English language skills. Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: A lesson in survival

Extraordinary events call for extraordinary measures, especially in caring for special populations. Evacuation is more than simply staying “high and dry.” Read More »

Bites and stings can be serious

Flying and crawling critters are not just seasonal, and to them, humans are a very tempting buffet. Sometimes the consequences of being a feeding zone require professional care. Read More »

Enjoy warm temperatures with an eye toward safety

Be “heatbusters” for your residents, visitors and staff by taking a few precautions and keeping a watchful eye for signs of heat-related health effects. Read More »

Online health records

The jury is out on the usefulness of online patient history sites, at least for Long-Term Living’s resident blogger. For some, keeping good notes after a doctor visit is more accurate and accessible. Read More »

Study: Medicare beneficiaries’ melanoma excisions often delayed

Potential for increased stress, illness and death is increased when surgery for melanoma, a leading cause of skin cancer diagnosis, is delayed. Read More »

FDA rule requests safety, effectiveness data on OTC topical antiseptics

Gels, liquids or wipes—hand hygiene is encouraged everywhere. Healthcare professionals know how vital hand sanitation is in preventing the spread of infection. Read More »

Relocating a treasure

How many of us put heirlooms away for safekeeping? If they can’t be passed down, Kathy Mears has the right philosophy on realizing their value. Read More »

Patient handling, falls and violence top occupational injuries of healthcare workers

Nurses and aides incur more on-the-job injuries than physicians, dentists, interns and residents, according to data examined by the Occupational Health Safety Network. Read More »

Research: Temperature-sensing sock for people with diabetes

For people with diabetes a new fabric functions as a mood ring to provide a warning system for users. Still in development, this innovation may soon save the feet of diabetics. Read More »