5 steps to a total security solution

A completely secure long-term care environment only can be accomplished with thoughtful planning and performance. Take five steps to keep residents, staff, visitors and property safe. Read More »

Fall ends in death at an Illinois nursing home

A serious fall can happen at any facility, but an incident at a nursing home in southwest Illinois underscores the need for vigilance to keep residents safe. Read More »

Moments with Marie

Staff personalities and attitudes can make or break a resident’s day. Sincere friendliness can help a resident have a better day. Read More »

Study links diabetes mellitus, depression to dementia risk

Chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and depression can have an effect on the development of dementia according to recent research. Read More »

Strength through collaboration

A skilled nursing facility and a local hospital in Pennsylvania team up to bridge the patient's transition from acute to a post-acute setting while delivering effective wound care. Read More »

Study: Do ‘soft’ floors reduce falls?

Trips, stumbles and falls can result in serious injury, especially for an older adult who might have balance issues or improper footwear or who might be using a cane or walker incorrectly. Read More »

Congress addresses post-acute care payment reform

MedPAC, lawmakers call for payment revisions to cut costs and eliminate abuse in how post-acute care facilities are reimbursed to improve quality of care. Read More »

Craving french fries

Since mealtimes are so important to residents, a successful dining program should consider preferences and be sure to have enough of the most popular food items on hand. Read More »

2015 Leaders of Tomorrow: Deborah Platt, RN, BSN, DON-CLTC

Some career paths can be circuitous as this clinical manager discovered. Through leadership, compassion and continuing involvement in the long-term care industry, this honoree and her staff continue to give their residents rich and fulfilling lives. Read More »

Workplace violence: A continuing concern of nurses

The American Nurses Association seeks public comment on its draft proposal of recommendations to prevent violence to ensure workplace safety by April 30 deadline. Read More »

Sudden power outage

Losing electricity is an inconvenience for most people, but for individuals with special needs or compromised health a power outage can be very stressful and potentially dangerous. Read More »

Severe storm leads to East Texas nursing home evacuation

An East Texas nursing home sustains damage from severe storms on Thursday. One person perishes in Illinois tornado. Read More »

3 safety concerns to consider in long-term care

Wherever patients are treated, their safety needs to be ensured. ECRI Institute has compiled a list of safety concerns for healthcare organizations that long-term care providers can benefit from. Read More »

Workplace violence: OSHA updates guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its guidelines for preventing and reducing incidents of violence in healthcare settings. Read More »

Thyroid drug interaction

Medications have to be coordinated to achieve the best results for the individual. Kathleen Mears’ blog illustrates the importance of a periodic medication review. Read More »

Does your applicant have what it takes for continuing care?

Many continuing care organizations struggle with identifying potential staff members who have the necessary skills and will fit in with the organizational culture. Pre-employment behavioral assessments may provide a solution to combat retention issues. Read More »

Spring into safety

Maintenance and housekeeping staff are the first line of defense in keeping residents and staff safe, healthy and secure in a long-term care environment. Read More »

Several Connecticut nursing homes are fined by state

Abuse, non-reporting of incidents and slow response to a resident in pain are the basis for fines handed down by the Connecticut Department of Public Health in February. Read More »

Trained staff enhance the resident experience

Ramp up staff knowledge and create buy-in to improve resident experiences by using the latest training programs and approaches. Read More »

Unwarranted discipline

While order and efficiency need to be maintained, can a facility become too heavy-handed when a resident is delayed by other circumstances? Read More »

Study: Mexican American elders live longer, but often with a disability

A new study explores the patterns of functional decline of Mexican Americans as they age and the implications for their families. Read More »

Customer service excellence includes employees

What if we approached our employees using the same principles we apply to customer service? Benefits include a reduction in injury claims and employee retention. Read More »

Major drug retailers named in FDA complaint

The quality of manufacture and efficacy may be called into question when the country of origin is a mystery to the user. Made in U.S.A. Foundation stresses the importance of labeling medications and supplements. Read More »

Vitamin D and exercise reduce injuries but not falls, says clinical trial

A recent study assessed the efficacy of vitamin D and exercise in preventing falls, the leading cause of injuries and fractures in older adults. Read More »

Inside an isolation order

Suffering from a UTI is uncomfortable experience. Couple that with MRSA and the illness becomes a tactical challenge in infection control. Read More »

Nurse leaders improve dementia care

By educating staff, experienced nurse leaders are instrumental in the transformation of memory care communities into life-affirming homes for residents with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. Read More »

Side effects of opioid painkillers increase risk for seniors

Are opioid painkillers safer and more effective than over-the-counter medications in the senior population? A National Safety Council white paper looks at both sides of the question. Read More »

SGR fix ahead

Congress may solve the sustainable growth rate puzzle, but for the long term, it may not matter all that much. Read More »

Brookdale, HCP announce $849M deal to acquire senior housing portfolio

Brookdale Senior Living and HCP will acquire a portfolio of 35 private-pay senior housing communities for $849 million under the terms of an agreement announced today. Read More »

5 tips for managing shingles pain

Not all childhood memories are pleasant. Catching the chickenpox was a bummer, but you got over it. The angry red spots and itchiness went away, but chickenpox left a souvenir—the herpes zoster virus. Read More »