A deadly fire sweeps through nursing home in Central China

On the evening of May 25, a fire consumed a privately run home for the elderly in Central China. The Kangleyuan rest home in Pingdingshan in the Henan province provides care for 51 residents. According to China’s official Xinhua News Agency, the cause of the fire, which left 38 dead and six people injured, is undetermined at this time.

Xinhua also reported that one survivor said that only two of 11 people in her room made it out alive.

Providing safe and affordable housing for the aged and infirm is growing concern as China wrestles with urbanization, attracting young people to cities. In 2014, 212 million people there were aged more than 60 years, according to an article in China Voice. This number is expected to grow by 10 million people per year.

Premier Li Keqiang told Chinese officials throughout the country to “draw lessons from the accident, checking all potential safety hazards to avoid similar incidents.”

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