Blue light benefits people with Alzheimer’s disease

Low flat lighting in nursing homes and assisted living communities reduces the brain’s ability to process light in people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Read More »

Snoring, sleep apnea linked to symptoms of diabetes

Sleeping disorders become more common as people age with many older adults exhibiting the symptoms of diabetes, study finds. Read More »

When strange things happen

Trying to make a resident room seem homelike is a challenge, especially if there are no places to display favorite items and treasures. Read More »

The case for carotenoids

Every child is told to eat their carrots and green, leafy vegetables because they are good for your eyes. Guess what? New study agrees. Read More »

Family to sue Illinois nursing home over morphine incident

An incident involving six residents rushed to the hospital resulted in one death. Family accuses the facility and a nurse of negligence. Read More »

New online Alzheimer’s course for direct care staff

The National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care (NCBAC) is an allied healthcare board certification organization for professional caregivers who care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Read More »

Germ Warfare: Reduce antibiotic misuse

Antibiotic misuse is a growing problem in skilled nursing settings. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have issued new recommendations to improve infection prevention programs. Read More »

Achy afternoons

As we age, our bodies send signals that it wants to rest and regroup. For some residents, however, comfort involves more than putting one’s feet up or taking a nap. Read More »

CMS releases v1.13 of the RAI User’s Manual

The newly released RAI includes ICD-10 coding information and other clarifications. Read More »

CCRC can continue collecting fees pending litigation

The legal battle continues in North Carolina over a CCRC's fees, especially when condominiums are sold. The lawsuit claims the CCRC's fees are so excessive they violate state law. Read More »

Protecting patients with diabetes

A simple task such as diabetes testing can open the doors to infection in a long-term care facility if not handled judiciously. Read More »

Health Care REIT become Welltower

Toledo-based Health Care REIT rebrands itself to reflect its evolving mission and synchronize with changing business models. Name change becomes official on September 30. Read More »

Celebrate National Gerontological Nursing Week

Hats off to these compassionate nursing professionals who care for our nation’s elders.  It’s time to recognize and appreciate the selfless work they do. Read More »

New geriatric training program for nursing home staff

A first-of-its-kind geriatric education program teaches clinical and non-clinical staff how to improve the care of older adults. Read More »

CCRCs keep stable rating for third straight year

Capital spending continues to increase for continuing care retirement communities, according to a Fitch Ratings report. Read More »

A malfunctioning power chair and the loss of independence

A power chair represents freedom to someone with a disability. But if the mechanism fails, losing that mobility can be frustrating. Read More »

CDC releases guidance to help nursing homes combat antibiotic-resistant infections

CDC data indicates that up to 75 percent of antibiotics prescribed in nursing homes are given incorrectly. This new tool encourages antibiotic stewardship in nursing homes. Read More »

Griffin-American REIT acquires Trilogy Health for $1.12B

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT acquired Trilogy Investors LLC, the parent company of Trilogy Health Services LLC. Read More »

Aide training days

Nothing beats on-the-job experience. A resident, especially one with physical challenges, can teach a new CNA valuable lessons in providing care. Read More »

Seniors and teens: Multigenerational meetups matter

Finding enriching activities to keep seniors engaged might be easier than you think--just involve the teens. Researchers say it’ll be healthy for everyone. Read More »

Goldman Sachs names Brookdale a potential health care acquisition

Brookdale’s recent acquisitions make it potentially desirable acquisition, according to report. Read More »

Targeting patient safety through IT

Long-term care organizations are eligible to apply for AHRQ funding to research the development of IT tools to improve resident safety. Read More »

Kudos to caregivers

Monday, September 7, is the annual celebration of America’s working citizens. This country was built by hard-working individuals who put their backs into their jobs. Read More »

Getting AFOs repaired

When ankle braces wear out or degrade, getting them back into shape takes more than a simple trip to the local shoemaker. Maintenance and adjustments take time and the services of a good orthotist. Read More »

Food as an activity

Everyone likes to snack occasionally, but when residents eat because of boredom it can become hazardous to their health. Read More »

Seniors and alcohol use

An alcoholic beverage can be a relaxing and social experience. For some seniors, however, alcohol consumption can become problematic. Read More »

NADONA’s Dornberger nominated to antibiotics council

In a concentrated effort to halt the spread and severity of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, an advisory council will be assembled to combat this serious health threat Read More »

Power chair challenges: Part 2

In Part 1, resident blogger Kathleen Mears shared her frustration when a motorized wheelchair did not accommodate her needs or became inoperable. In this installment, she shares more impacts when her assistive device doesn't work as it should. Read More »

PharMerica, Amgen reach settlement

Kentucky and 25 other states accuse PharMerica Corp.of accepting payoffs to switch nursing home residents to Amgen product for anemia. Read More »

The buzz on granny drones

Technology has contributed to improved healthcare, communication and convenience, but is it going too far in devaluing the human experience? Granny may be seeing drones on the horizon. Read More »