Nursing home sues state attorney general

One of seven New Mexico nursing homes being sued by state Attorney General Hector Balderas has struck back with a lawsuit of its own. Read More »

Power chair challenges: Part 1

Battery-operated wheelchairs can improve a resident’s quality of life. But what happens when it goes on the fritz? Read More »

Gearing up for OSHA lifting policy changes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is about to get tougher on injuries casued by lifting- and transferring-related activities. Here's how to rework your lifting protocols and educate your staff. Read More »

Let’s talk about dying

The biggest fact of life is that everyone dies. As the clock takes its final ticks—whether it’s counting down the life of a loved one or yourself—do family and friends know how to honor your wishes? Read More »

An Obamacare repeal?

Expect another try by the GOP to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This latest attempt at repeal is tied to the federal budget. Read More »

Ohio may integrate convicts into nursing homes

The costs of caring for sick and frail older convicts are skyrocketing and soon so will the numbers of elderly inmates in the nation’s prison systems. The Ohio Department of Corrections thinks it has found the answer to reducing the state's costs of providing care. Read More »

Jack’s quest for ice

Sometimes residents have simple needs such as a refilling a pitcher of ice. Is ice that precious a commodity that it has to be locked up? Or is it a safety issue to avoiding accidental spills and contamination? Read More »

Addiction in seniors: ‘It’s at epidemic levels’

A "silver tsunami" of addicted seniors is coming, warned a speaker at this week's National Conference on Addiction Disorders, hosted by sister-publication Addiction Professional.  Read More »

Coordinated data-sharing could cut “superbug” infections in half

Aggressive intervention using a coordinated approach could prevent healthcare-related infections and death, saving the healthcare system billions of dollars in treatment costs. Read More »

Wide beds: Added inches, added safety

Wide beds and wider mattresses can reduce the number of falls experienced by long-term care residents, notes a new case study. Read More »

Improving your website on a budget

Three long-term care marketing professionals weigh in on the 5 things any community can do to make its website more friendly to prospective customers, even on a tight budget. Read More »

The aging brain and its influence on sound processing

For years, greeting card companies have spoofed some seniors’ inability to accurately interpret what is said to them to what they actually hear. There’s a reason why this happens and it’s all in their heads, according to new research. Read More »

Upgraded SNF restorative program reduces falls

Dramatic results from a recent study indicate that integrating Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE) into the active range of motion portion of a restorative program improves strength and balance. Read More »

Working at moving out: Part 3

Mindy and CG, who live the same SNF as Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears, continue to take steps to transition as a couple into the community at large. Read More »

On the road to burnout

It happens in most professions, but the tensions that lead burnout in long-term care are magnified by the pressures—and responsibilities—of caring for people. Read More »

OSHA inspections target tuberculosis in healthcare settings

A new directive is aimed to further reduce the risk of tuberculosis (TB) to employees working in healthcare settings, including new rules for screening and bloodwork. Read More »

NIH’s Go4Life Month encourages active living in seniors

Go4Life Month in September aims to encourage exercise and daily activities in adults over age 50. Read More »

Merger creates largest nonprofit LTC provider in California

ABHOW and merge to create California's largest nonprofit senior living provider. Read More »

A fire system check can be unnerving

Fire alarms are one of the most important protections to residents and staff to ensure their safety. But the alarm system must be checked regularly tor a faulty fire alarm system could be fatal. Read More »

NIC MAP: Seniors housing occupancy drops again

According to data analysis by the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC), independent and assisted living properties are feeling the pinch. Read More »

Dance fever!

Shall we dance? Activity professionals hail senior communities as ideal venues for bringing the joys and benefits of musical movement back to older adults. Read More »

Seniors are big on bingo

Don’t pooh-pooh this game that engages people of all ages from toddlers to older adults. Whether played for competition or the chance to win prizes, bingo remains somewhere on an activity director’s calendar. Read More »

A treatment ends

After a five-year battle with breast cancer, Long-Term Living’s resident blogger Kathleen Mears hopes that her experience with a breast cancer medication will help other women survive. Read More »

New overtime rules impact long-term care

Now is the time for long-term care administrators to reassess the exempt/non-exempt status of your employees before 2016 arrives. Read More »

Survival of the fittest

It’s never too late to start taking care of the body that takes care of you. Maintaining strength, muscle tone and confidence are instrumental in positive aging. Read More »

Time to say goodbye

Residents often form warm relationships with their direct caregivers. Employee turnover is not a surprise in the long-term care field, but even for the aide that is going back to school, changing jobs or beginning a family, it’s hard to say goodbye to the older resident who relied on them. Read More »

My inspirational item was a casualty

It’s just good “housekeeping” to go purge one’s living area of unwanted, unused, broken, dated or unimportant possessions. Sometimes during downsizing, however, things can go awry. Read More »

Providing an open environment for honest feedback

From customer satisfaction surveys to resident councils and hallway suggestion boxes—how welcoming is your process for receiving feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly? Read More »

Signs of dehydration

If strong, active and young people can become dehydrated, imagine how easily older adults can lose fluids if not closely monitored. Do you know the symptoms of dehydration? Read More »

An unanswered call light

Is there ever a good reason for staff not to respond to a resident’s call light? Of course, all call lights are not emergencies, but will one that is an emergency be overlooked? Read More »