Sandra Hoban

Sandra Hoban was on I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living’s editorial staff for 17 years. She is one of the country’s longest-serving senior care journalists. Before joining Long-Term Living, she was a member of the promotions department at Advanstar Communications. In addition to her editorial experience, Sandi has served past roles in print and broadcast advertising as a traffic and talent coordinator.

Seniors are big on bingo

Don’t pooh-pooh this game that engages people of all ages from toddlers to older adults. Whether played for competition or the chance to win prizes, bingo remains somewhere on an activity director’s calendar. Read More »

ACHCA’s Grachek stepping down

After nine years of leadership in the long-term care industry, ACHCA President and CEO Marianna Grachek announces that she will be retiring next month. Read More »

Elder abuse shelter opens in Detroit

Elder abuse is an often underreported crime because seniors are reluctant to act or don’t know how to seek assistance. Read More »

Poor sleep: An Alzheimer’s cause or effect?

For many, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is unheard of. Tossing and turning, waking up and going back to sleep is their nightly ritual. What do sleep habits have to do with Alzheimer’s disease? Read More »

Signs of dehydration

If strong, active and young people can become dehydrated, imagine how easily older adults can lose fluids if not closely monitored. Do you know the symptoms of dehydration? Read More »

The dish on dining

Surveys repeatedly cite food as a major factor in customer satisfaction. If residents and their families aren’t happy with meals, they tend to find fault in other service areas. Read More »

A deadly fire sweeps through nursing home in Central China

The importance of complying with fire suppression regulations in U.S. nursing home facilities is underscored by a recent report of a Chinese nursing home destroyed by an undetermined blaze. Read More »

CVS expands pharmacy reach with $12.7 billion Omnicare deal

Omnicare acquisition expands CVS Health Corporation’s reach into providing pharmacy services to assisted living and long-term care facilities. Read More »

A case of scabies

Caregiving and assistance with activities of daily living in institutional settings require close body contact. If unknown rashes appear, implement infection control procedures. Read More »

Sudden weight loss may be a precursor to frailty

Frailty is not an inevitable consequence of aging. For some older Americans, however, weight loss can contribute to dependence on mobility devices and more assistance with ADLs. Read More »

Bites and stings can be serious

Flying and crawling critters are not just seasonal, and to them, humans are a very tempting buffet. Sometimes the consequences of being a feeding zone require professional care. Read More »

Enjoy warm temperatures with an eye toward safety

Be “heatbusters” for your residents, visitors and staff by taking a few precautions and keeping a watchful eye for signs of heat-related health effects. Read More »

Study: Medicare beneficiaries’ melanoma excisions often delayed

Potential for increased stress, illness and death is increased when surgery for melanoma, a leading cause of skin cancer diagnosis, is delayed. Read More »

FDA rule requests safety, effectiveness data on OTC topical antiseptics

Gels, liquids or wipes—hand hygiene is encouraged everywhere. Healthcare professionals know how vital hand sanitation is in preventing the spread of infection. Read More »

Report finds NY nursing home inspectors underreport bedsores

Nearly one in 10 New York nursing home residents have bedsores. An advocacy group has found investigators lax in issuing citations. Read More »

Institute of Medicine is renamed

The National  Academy of Sciences is renaming the Institute of Medicine as part of its broader reorganization efforts. Read More »

Patient handling, falls and violence top occupational injuries of healthcare workers

Nurses and aides incur more on-the-job injuries than physicians, dentists, interns and residents, according to data examined by the Occupational Health Safety Network. Read More »

Research: Temperature-sensing sock for people with diabetes

For people with diabetes a new fabric functions as a mood ring to provide a warning system for users. Still in development, this innovation may soon save the feet of diabetics. Read More »

Fall ends in death at an Illinois nursing home

A serious fall can happen at any facility, but an incident at a nursing home in southwest Illinois underscores the need for vigilance to keep residents safe. Read More »

Study links diabetes mellitus, depression to dementia risk

Chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and depression can have an effect on the development of dementia according to recent research. Read More »

Identify and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Although cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are more common during the winter, vigilance is needed year round when fuel-burning appliances are in use. Read More »

Study: Do ‘soft’ floors reduce falls?

Trips, stumbles and falls can result in serious injury, especially for an older adult who might have balance issues or improper footwear or who might be using a cane or walker incorrectly. Read More »

2015 Leaders of Tomorrow: Deborah Platt, RN, BSN, DON-CLTC

Some career paths can be circuitous as this clinical manager discovered. Through leadership, compassion and continuing involvement in the long-term care industry, this honoree and her staff continue to give their residents rich and fulfilling lives. Read More »

Workplace violence: A continuing concern of nurses

The American Nurses Association seeks public comment on its draft proposal of recommendations to prevent violence to ensure workplace safety by April 30 deadline. Read More »

Severe storm leads to East Texas nursing home evacuation

An East Texas nursing home sustains damage from severe storms on Thursday. One person perishes in Illinois tornado. Read More »

3 safety concerns to consider in long-term care

Wherever patients are treated, their safety needs to be ensured. ECRI Institute has compiled a list of safety concerns for healthcare organizations that long-term care providers can benefit from. Read More »

Workplace violence: OSHA updates guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its guidelines for preventing and reducing incidents of violence in healthcare settings. Read More »

Spring into safety

Maintenance and housekeeping staff are the first line of defense in keeping residents and staff safe, healthy and secure in a long-term care environment. Read More »

Several Connecticut nursing homes are fined by state

Abuse, non-reporting of incidents and slow response to a resident in pain are the basis for fines handed down by the Connecticut Department of Public Health in February. Read More »

Study: Mexican American elders live longer, but often with a disability

A new study explores the patterns of functional decline of Mexican Americans as they age and the implications for their families. Read More »