Sandra Hoban

Sandra Hoban was on I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living’s editorial staff for 17 years. She is one of the country’s longest-serving senior care journalists. Before joining Long-Term Living, she was a member of the promotions department at Advanstar Communications. In addition to her editorial experience, Sandi has served past roles in print and broadcast advertising as a traffic and talent coordinator.

Balance may indicate stroke, dementia risk in elderly

Over 65? How well you can balance on one leg may be an indicator of brain health and the risk of deep brain stroke or dementia, according to a study. Read More »

Gallup survey: Nurses outrank all professions on honesty and ethics

Who do Americans trust most? You might—or might not—be surprised by the findings of a recently released public opinion poll. Read More »

Coalition challenges the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

A coalition claims federal nutritional guidelines ignore the nutritional needs of children, older adults and ethnic minorities. Read More »

Camera catches nurse slapping resident

Elderly Americans have a new ally in preventing abuse by family, staff, home caregivers or other residents--the surveillance camera. A recent alleged case of abuse in New York was captured on camera. Read More »

Tips on walker safety

Self-propelled walkers help the elderly maintain independence, but they can present some fall risks for the unwary, unpracticed or uninformed user. Read More »

Mechanical lifts can endanger residents

Although mechanical lifts make moving a patient easier for the caregiver, safety can be compromised if the user does not know how to operate the lift properly. Read More »

Winter depression in the elderly can be SAD

In long-term care, residents can experience symptoms of seasonal depression, which might go unrecognized unless caregivers and families keep a watchful eye. Read More »

Invacare’s executive chairman announces retirement

Mal Mixon has grown Invacare Corp. from a domestic manufacturing/distribution company into a global leader of home and long-term care medical products. Read More »

SNF residents evacuated in Buffalo blizzard

Emergency planning and preparation are keys to surviving a natural disaster; the recent six- to 10-foot snowfall in upstate New York serves as a punishing reminder. Read More »

Addicts target nursing home dumpsters to get a fix

Trash receptacles behind nursing homes and other care facilities are becoming a goldmine for drug addicts in search of controlled medications. Read More »

Older Americans have easy access to specialists, survey finds

A survey of older adults in 11 countries turns up interesting data on how efficiently people in industrialized nations can access and interact with their healthcare providers. Read More »

Elder abuse victims to benefit from PA task force recommendations

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will consider an Elder Law Task Force report as a guide to protect the state's older adults from abuse and neglect. Read More »

Antibiograms: A simple tool to fight antibiotic resistance in the elderly

A small, pocket-sized document can help curb antibiotic drug resistance and improve the treatment and outcomes of the frail and elderly in skilled nursing facilities, according to a recent study. Read More »

OTC cold meds can be hazardous

Treating a cold is not as simple as taking the latest advertised remedy off the shelf. If you live or work in a long-term care setting, let staff and residents know that choosing a cold reliever takes serious thought. Read More »

FEMA seeks recovery of monetary aid issued during Superstorm Sandy

Two years later, repercussions from Superstorm Sandy are still being felt by some assisted living residents in Rockaway, NY. Is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s effort to recoup undeserved funds a management error or resident fraud? Read More »

Celebrate home care and hospice staff in November

Take time this month to honor the hospice and home care workers who provide valuable service and commitment to the people they serve with skill and compassion. Read More »

Socks for Seniors: A holiday campaign

The holidays are coming up quickly. Now is the time to start to think about gifts for residents or a resident project to help less fortunate older people in the community. For more than a decade, one organization has helped to keep seniors' feet warm and dry throughout the winter. Read More »

National Radon Action Week

The effects of high levels of radon gas in homes and buildings across the United States pose a serious risk of developing lung cancer. Take time to test now. Read More »

Rat problem lands nursing home on watch list

While it’s challenging to maintain a completely pest-free facility, vigilance and professional attention are necessary to prevent infestations and provide a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff. Read More »

Ebola and its impact on seniors

The media storm over the Ebola threat is creating fear and suspicion throughout the country. Being aware of the threat is smart, but being obsessed with the remote possibility of infection can be distracting. Read More »

5 environmental tips to surviving allergy season in LTC

For many people, autumn is their favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the foliage is brilliant and warm days still pop up occasionally, drawing residents outdoors. It is also the season when pollens, molds and other allergens contaminate the air and trigger allergic reactions. Read More »

Withhold gastrostomy tubes from terminal patients, report advises

Gastrostomy tubes and other enteral devices are not advised for use in end-of-life or advance dementia situations because risks might outweigh the benefits, according to new report. Read More »

CMS issues categorical waiver for using power strips in care areas

The increasing use of electrical equipment in areas where patients/residents receive treatment has  increased the need for more electrical outlets to accommodate the appliances/devices. Read More »

Long-term care dentistry: A growing field

Unlike their grandparents, many of today's seniors keep their teeth well into their advanced years. Caring for their dental issues requires dentists to have an understanding of how to deliver optimum oral care to this demographic. Read More »

Sunday, Sept. 21, take a walk for Alzheimer’s

Each year organizations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Read More »

A new offering in LTC amenities: Electric charging stations

They never drove Model Ts, but today’s seniors did grow up on Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros. Because of the boomers’ willingness to embrace new motoring experiences, hybrid automobiles have found a niche in the senior sector. Read More »

Older adults advised to get extra protection against pneumonia

While two pneumonia vaccines are recommended to seniors for optimal protection, will cost/coverage discourage them from receiving the second vaccine? Read More »

One-on-one with… Robert (Robb) White

Long-term care organizations would be wise to reevaluate their dining programs to satisfy the adventurous and sophisticated palates of the new senior population. One noted chef shares his philosophy and vision of wedding good nutrition with high-end culinary options. Read More »

Fall risks vary with medications, studies find

Prescribing medication is an art form requiring the physician to weigh the delicate balance between a medication’s benefits and potential risks. Read More »

Key protein deficiency linked to early-stage dementia

A recent study in the United Kingdom finds that a lack of MK2/3, a naturally occurring protein, can be linked to the early signs of dementia. Read More »