Sandra Hoban

Sandra Hoban was on I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living’s editorial staff for 17 years. She is one of the country’s longest-serving senior care journalists. Before joining Long-Term Living, she was a member of the promotions department at Advanstar Communications. In addition to her editorial experience, Sandi has served past roles in print and broadcast advertising as a traffic and talent coordinator.

Tips and talk about aging eyes

People over 65 have seen a lot in their lifetimes. Maintaining eye health will ensure that they continue to enjoy the people, the places and the world that offers so much to see. Read More »

Major drug retailers named in FDA complaint

The quality of manufacture and efficacy may be called into question when the country of origin is a mystery to the user. Made in U.S.A. Foundation stresses the importance of labeling medications and supplements. Read More »

Vitamin D and exercise reduce injuries but not falls, says clinical trial

A recent study assessed the efficacy of vitamin D and exercise in preventing falls, the leading cause of injuries and fractures in older adults. Read More »

AMDA adds 5 guidelines to Choosing Wisely campaign

AMDA–The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine has announced the 2015 guidelines for the Choosing Wisely campaign, which highlights medical tests and procedures that may be unnecessary and even harmful to older adults. Read More »

Side effects of opioid painkillers increase risk for seniors

Are opioid painkillers safer and more effective than over-the-counter medications in the senior population? A National Safety Council white paper looks at both sides of the question. Read More »

5 tips for managing shingles pain

Not all childhood memories are pleasant. Catching the chickenpox was a bummer, but you got over it. The angry red spots and itchiness went away, but chickenpox left a souvenir—the herpes zoster virus. Read More »

CDC program to prevent needlestick injury

Injections, blood draws and some testing procedures expose healthcare personnel to the risk of a sharps injury. A sharps prevention program is key to preventing the spread of blood-borne pathogens. Read More »

Onsite dialysis service

As the face of aging continues to morph, a new generation of seniors looks for long-term care services that go beyond room and board. Read More »

Sprinkler systems save lives

Two recent fires—one a tragedy, one a triumph—prove the wisdom of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandate to require sprinkler systems in skilled nursing facilities. Read More »

Nursing home penalties top $100 million

An examination of recent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Nursing Home Compare data generates disturbing insights on the number of fines levied on skilled nursing facilities. Read More »

Is a lift assist a community emergency?

One community finds its firefighters performing assistance tasks that should be addressed by caregivers or staff at skilled nursing facilities. Read More »

Alarms: A safety must or maybe?

A skilled nursing facility in a New York hospital has removed bed/chair fall alarm systems to becoming an alarm-free care setting in an innovative program to improve residents' quality of care and quality of life. Read More »

Don’t get caught in the OTC medication maze

Supplements and “natural” products are flying off the shelves of America’s drug and health stores. Are they hype or health? Read More »

OIG study: CMS, keep an eye on hospices in assisted living

In its hospice payment reform efforts, CMS is keeping a close eye on hospice care in assisted living. Read More »

New CPR requirements issued for nursing homes

Having a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) policy for a nursing home is one thing, but having CPR-certified staff on hand is another. Read More »

WISQARS: CDC online resource for injury data

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention database offers tools and information on the impact of fatal and nonfatal injuries. Read More »

Mark Begich joins hospice/homecare association

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice, a nonprofit organization, welcomes a new member to its leadership team. Read More »

Risk management resource is launched

New website offers the latest information on risk management topics to keep your staff, residents and organization ahead of accidents or injuries. Read More »

PA nursing home acts quickly and locks down facility

A Pennsylvania nursing home acts quickly in response to threats. Read More »

Residents moved from nursing home to ensure safety

Evacuation from a skilled nursing facility wasn’t because of a tornado, a fire or flood. Because of a concern for resident safety, a New York nursing home put its evacuation plan into action. Read More »

One-on-one with…Gary Glazner

People with Alzheimer's or other dementias have found a champion in Gary Glazner, founder and executive director of the Alzheimer's Poetry Project. Blending poetry with the arts in an innovative program provides a pathway to the hearts and souls of people with memory loss. Read More »

Top 10 bed bug cities in America

Don’t pick up hitchhikers, especially those that are difficult to see. Bed bugs like to travel. New data from Orkin names the leading destinations on a bed bug’s itinerary. Read More »

Hypothermia claims life of elderly Ohio woman

On Monday morning, a snow plow driver spotted the body of an elderly woman in the driveway of a Sagamore Hills, Ohio, assisted living facility. Read More »

Nurse practitioners improve health outcomes

It is predicted that by 2020, there will be a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians. Highly educated and skilled nurse practitioners are ready and able fill that gap. Read More »

The move to improve hand hygiene compliance

As the number of influenza cases increase across the country, using recommended hand hygiene protocols helps prevent the spread of flu viruses and other healthcare-associated infections. Read More »

Medical device IDs aimed at improving patient safety

Similar to the UPC bar code, Class III high-risk medical devices tagged with UDI labels will help to report, track and assess patients’ adverse events. Read More »

Top 10 Kathleen Mears blogs of 2014

Keen insights on nursing home life are provided by Long-Term Living's resident blogger Kathleen Mears every Monday morning throughout the year. Here are 10 of her most popular blogs in 2014. Read More »

Electric wheelchairs: A potential safety hazard

Regular maintenance and inspection are keys to reducing potential fire hazards in long-term care facilities and for the elderly and/or those with disabilities who reside in the community. Read More »

Antipsychotic drug linked to dangerous skin inflammation

A drug manufacturer adds a new warning about an antipsychotic drug's possible interactions. Read More »

A growing demographic: Older Americans with disabilities

The next 20 years will see a rapid increase in the number of older Americans with disabilities as boomers continue to step across the senior threshold. Read More »