Skin care

Best Practices in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure ulcers occur in 17% to 28% of patients over 70 years old in nursing homes, and they can be a serious health concern. Read More »

When lifts break

A broken Hoyer lift and shortage on lift pads means that SNF resident blogger Kathy Mears has to stay in bed for the foreseeable future. Read More »

TENA upgrades to breathable materials

TENA's premium incontinence products, made by Essity, are getting a makepover in breathable materials for better skin health. Read More »

The cleanliness factor

SNF resident blogger Kathy Mears shares how personal hygiene affects her mood and sense of self.  Read More »

High-tech healing

The latest in wound assessment technology has nurses tossing their rulers. Read More »

A commanding presence

How do you care for someone who doesn’t think he needs—or wants—help? Read More »

Wound care treatments lack healing touch

Doctors and patients are turning to new therapies to treat stubborn chronic wounds, but research is lacking on whether they are helping.  Read More »

Clear skin is in

Controlling breakouts is a trying ordeal to begin with but is more difficult for blogger Kathleen Mears because of nursing home restrictions on what she can put on her face.  Read More »

Great lengths for short nails

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears knows it’s important for nails to be trimmed, which is why she’s sought assistance from caregivers since Medicaid coverage isn’t often enough to her liking. Read More »

SCA Group votes to split

The maker of TENA will split off its health and hygiene operations under the newly-formed company Essity.  Read More »

FDA approves antibody-based eczema drug

A new drug for serious eczema has been approved for the market, but wait till you see how much it costs. Read More »

New treatment targets for psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation has released national treatment guidelines for plaque psoriasis, an inflammatory disease of the skin often exacerbated by other chronic illnesses.  Read More »

New bathing glove eases hygiene tasks

The parent company of the Tena products has launched a disposable bathing glove designed with seniors in mind. Read More »

USPTS nixes required coverage for visual skin screenings

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the leading body for medical screening recommendations, has given visual skin cancer screenings a rating of “I,” which means insurers don’t have to cover it in wellness checks for beneficiaries. Read More »

Stanford Hospital to conduct study on pressure ulcer prevention

Stanford Hospital will study patient turning and will help coordinate and optimize efforts to prevent pressure ulcers. Read More »

Getting AFOs repaired

When ankle braces wear out or degrade, getting them back into shape takes more than a simple trip to the local shoemaker. Maintenance and adjustments take time and the services of a good orthotist. Read More »

A case of scabies

Caregiving and assistance with activities of daily living in institutional settings require close body contact. If unknown rashes appear, implement infection control procedures. Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: A lesson in survival

Extraordinary events call for extraordinary measures, especially in caring for special populations. Evacuation is more than simply staying “high and dry.” Read More »

Bites and stings can be serious

Flying and crawling critters are not just seasonal, and to them, humans are a very tempting buffet. Sometimes the consequences of being a feeding zone require professional care. Read More »

Study: Medicare beneficiaries’ melanoma excisions often delayed

Potential for increased stress, illness and death is increased when surgery for melanoma, a leading cause of skin cancer diagnosis, is delayed. Read More »

FDA rule requests safety, effectiveness data on OTC topical antiseptics

Gels, liquids or wipes—hand hygiene is encouraged everywhere. Healthcare professionals know how vital hand sanitation is in preventing the spread of infection. Read More »

Report finds NY nursing home inspectors underreport bedsores

Nearly one in 10 New York nursing home residents have bedsores. An advocacy group has found investigators lax in issuing citations. Read More »

Research: Temperature-sensing sock for people with diabetes

For people with diabetes a new fabric functions as a mood ring to provide a warning system for users. Still in development, this innovation may soon save the feet of diabetics. Read More »

Strength through collaboration

A skilled nursing facility and a local hospital in Pennsylvania team up to bridge the patient's transition from acute to a post-acute setting while delivering effective wound care. Read More »

5 tips for managing shingles pain

Not all childhood memories are pleasant. Catching the chickenpox was a bummer, but you got over it. The angry red spots and itchiness went away, but chickenpox left a souvenir—the herpes zoster virus. Read More »

Electron scanner can detect early-stage pressure ulcers

A new study validates the use of a novel scanner for the early detection of tissue damage that precedes pressure ulcers.  Read More »

An old-fashioned remedy would work

For minor skin infections and irritations, some residents like to rely on simple remedies used when they were young rather than take more medication. Read More »

Managing wounds via EHR has numerous benefits for one SNF

Implementing an electronic health record system and integrating an automated wound management solution into it has resulted in numerous benefits for one nursing and rehabilitation center. Read More »

Dealing with heel pain

If a resident tells you he or she is uncomfortable in a bed or chair, listen and see what can be done to remedy the situation. Long-Term Living blogger Kathleen Mears’ caregivers were on their toes and prevented a skin issue from becoming more serious. Read More »

Disappearing washcloths

Everyone knows that washing machines and dryers live on a diet of socks. Long-Term Living resident blogger Kathleen Mears notes that washcloths seem to be the meal of choice of facility laundry equipment. Read More »