Clear skin is in

A couple of months ago, I started using a new facial moisturizer my sister brought because her dermatologist recommended it. I was leery to use something new on my face, but it was water-based and made my face feel really good.

Unfortunately, after about 10 days my face began to burn and itch. I could not figure out what was wrong. I seldom have skin breakouts. A look in the mirror showed I had blemishes on my nose—and they were big and red. I thought it was an allergy to some ingredient in the new facial moisturizer, and I immediately stopped using it.

I quickly found I had nothing in my cabinet for blemishes. I looked on the Internet and saw toothpaste will help draw the soreness from pimples and blemishes. It seemed weird, but I tried it. I only used it when I was in my room—I did not want to scare anyone—and took it off after a couple of hours. I have to admit: The toothpaste worked wonders. I also discovered using a baby wipe on my nose relieved the itching, at least temporarily.

Even so, my nose was really sore inside and outside. I searched the Internet again and found several health forums where plenty of people discussed having similar breakouts, but no one knew what caused it. Several people went to their personal physician or an ear, nose and throat doctor. However, no one said anything alleviated the blemishes more than better hygiene and time.

I thought I was experiencing 68-year-old acne. I switched to a different water-based moisturizer that calmed the itching some, but my face continued to break out. I went shopping with a friend and searched a drugstore for blemish medicine. I was surprised at how expensive it was. I decided to continue with a different face regimen.

Then, very gradually, I returned to an oil-based moisturizer. I wondered if my 60-plus skin needed more hydration. I am pleased that after about five weeks, my skin looks and feels better.

I do not know if it the breakout was caused by an allergy, infection, or stress. I do know it drove me nuts for several weeks. Since I live in a nursing home, I am not allowed to put just anything on my skin for itching except moisturizer. The nurses did not want me to use tea tree lotion.

I am surprised I got pimples at my age. I never had many when I was a teenager, but I did break out with acne during a stressful time at the age of 28. I worked hard to find the right combination of products that got rid of the acne. Anything involving the skin on your face takes a lot of persistence.

I guess I will never know what caused my breakout, but I am glad it is over—at least for now.

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