Skin care

Wound therapy report comments due July 16

The draft of a new report for the federal government details the state of evidence related to the efficacy and safety of negative pressure wound therapy. Read More »

FDA approves MRSA drug tedizolid

The Food and Drug Administration has approved tedizolid phosphate for the treatment of adult acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Read More »

Direct-care workers in the Washington spotlight

Improved training, background checks and pay scales for direct-care workers are being addressed on Capitol Hill. Read More »

Cleaning up infection control

Drug-resistant infection rates are rising in long-term care. Healthcare-associated infections result in at least 100,000 resident deaths per year. When was the last time you examined your facility’s cleaning and disinfection protocols? Read More »

SNF sees $3.3M verdict in negligence case

A jury has returned a $3.3 million verdict against a Colorado skilled nursing facility after the sister of a resident claimed negligence in a civil suit. Read More »

1/3 of community hospital patients receive ‘inappropriate’ treatment for infections

Infection rates are up in community hospitals and SNFs. But who’s infecting whom? Read More »

Hand sanitizer, training, leadership lacking in HAI prevention: study

Long-term care facilities are missing chances to prevent infections by not placing hand sanitizer everywhere it's needed, not dedicating funding to worker education and not sending a clear message to employees that it's a priority, researchers say. Read More »

Increased hospitalization risk tied to home- and community-based care: study

Seniors transferring from nursing homes to home- and community-based services are at 40 percent greater risk of “potentially preventable” hospitalizations, according to a newly published study. Read More »

How to prevent pressure ulcers

Want to reduce the rate of pressure ulcers in your nursing home residents? A new study holds an answer. Read More »

Infection prevention resource available

A new guide with a CD-ROM is designed to help long-term care facilities create and implement comprehensive infection prevention programs. Read More »

Remembering aides at Christmas

Long-Term Living blogger Kathleen Mears’ online accident was the beginning of a happy holiday tradition. Read More »

FDA antibacterial review excludes healthcare products

Makers of antibacterial products used in healthcare facilities are off the hook—for now. A recently announced FDA proposed rule on safety and effectiveness will be limited to over-the-counter soaps and body washes made for consumers. Read More »

Patient safety remains a priority in 2014

Fall prevention, HAIs and pressure ulcers remain a focus for the Joint Commission's 2014 National Patient Safety Goals. Read More »

Holiday shopping

LTL blogger Kathy Mears gives some insight on the best  and most appreciated gifts to give residents in long-term care facilities. Read More »

Better bathing for larger residents

Regardless of personal preferences, technology has made bathing a more pleasurable and thorough experience, especially for residents with bariatric issues. Read More »

Two-hour turns may no longer be the standard, study finds

For more than 50 years, caregivers turned nursing home residents every two hours to prevent pressure ulcers. Do improved mattress manufacturing methods extend the time between turns? Read More »

Renewed partnership advances antimicrobial wound care solutions

Two companies combine efforts to advance antimicrobial wound dressings. Read More »

Is a wound-free facility possible?

Not all wounds are preventable, but a trained staff and the use of current protocols go a long way to advancing the goal of establishing a wound-free culture and an improved quality of life for residents. Read More »

Remember: Resident is heart of person-centered care

Live from AHCA/NCAL: To be successful in your mission of person-centered care, you must include residents and their families in your care planning. It sounds obvious, but many facilities that think they are doing this are not. Here are some points to consider. Read More »

Pressure ulcers and the MDS “Planning for Care” guidance

Highlights of recent updates to the RAI User’s Manual relevant to Section M: Skin Conditions and how these changes help to address the prevention and care of pressure ulcers. Read More »

A new standard for absorbent products is needed

The National Association for Continence has issued recommendations on quality performance standards for continence products. Read More »

TV show focuses on elder abuse

Elder abuse can take many forms. A network talk show recently covered the subject in an effort to educate and inform the public of the need for vigilance and oversight. Read More »

PBS’ Frontline slams assisted living; communities cry foul

Updated 3:30 p.m.   Last night’s PBS documentary on assisted living has enraged many, both because of what it revealed and what it didn’t reveal. Read More »

FDA: Boost drug research for C. diff, MRSA, pneumonia

The FDA wants to speed up research on new treatments for LTC’s drug-resistant infections. Read More »

MDS Manual update brings welcome clarity

The RAI User's Manual received section revisions and clarifications on dental status (section L), skin conditions (section M) and other items in the May update release. Read More »

Steroid fails as cure for high-stage pressure ulcers

The promise of anabolic steroids as treatment for severe pressure ulcers took a hit in a recent clinical trial testing oxandrolone. Read More »

CMS revises discharge planning guidelines

New CMS guidelines take a deeper look at discharge planning, clarifying who is responsible for what at the time of discharge and why discharge planning is a key to reducing 30-day readmissions. Read More »

Contaminated mattresses: A new source of concern in infection control?

Don’t take infection control lying down. The most effective risk management program can be undone by not taking a few simple precautions. Read More »

One-on-one with…. Ruta Kadonoff

Senior Editor Pamela Tabar talks with Ruta Kadonoff, vice president of quality and regulatory affairs for the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL), about quality in long-term care—and why being able to measure it will be important for business. Read More »

Pressure ulcers: What we don’t know can hurt us

Knowledge about the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers has come a long way, but has it come far enough to prevent and reduce the incidence of this problem in long-term care? Read More »