TENA upgrades to breathable materials

The TENA brand's premium absorbent product portfolio, made by Essity (formerly SCA),is being outfitted with 100 percent-breathable materials to promote skin health. TENA Premium Briefs, Protective Underwear and Heavy Pad incontinence products will now feature TENA ConfioAir technology, which allows excess moisture to evaporate to help maintain skin's natural moisture balance and improve comfort or wearers. 

The products feature a unique outer layer with micro-pores that allow moisture from the inner absorbent core to evaporate. This helps maintain skin's natural moisture balance, allowing it to breathe and keeping the skin comfortable and dry. This breakthrough technology is now included across TENA's premium absorbent product line at no additional cost to the customer.

"We look beyond the product to focus on the individuals, and are dedicated to finding new solutions that offer optimum fit and functionality while improving quality of care," said Jessica Lan, Director of Product Management for Essity Health and Medical Solutions, North America. "With this upgrade to our absorbent line, we are pleased to provide more options that help maintain a care routine and lead to better skin health."

For the large population that suffers from incontinence, discomfort can happen quickly. Many incontinent individuals are elderly and have fragile skin that faces a variety of threats including skin ulcers, incontinence-associated dermatitis and infection as well as greater potential for injury as healing slows down. Recognizing that skin health is important for incontinent individuals, who are at risk of painful irritations from prolonged exposure to moisture, it is vital to provide comfort and care to the perineal area and support the overall quality of life for product users.

"TENA ConfioAir 100 percent breathable technology is unlike any other innovation in the field of adult incontinence," says Tony Forsberg, national clinical director for Essity Health and Medical Solutions, North America. "While almost every other product has breathable materials from the front to back of the brief, with ConfioAir we can now keep moisture away from the skin and protect it with a whole vapor- and heat- permeable product."

TENA's premium absorbent products featuring ConfioAir technology offer the same protection at the same cost. Look for TENA Premium Briefs and Protective Underwear in updated pack designs that include the green ConfioAir banner, as well as new discreet case packaging and printed back sheet with Smart Scan bar code. TENA ConfioAir for Heavy Pads will be available in December. For more information, visit www.tenaprofessionals.us

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