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Getting a lift

May 22, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Hoyer lifts may help staff feel more secure about resident transfers, but blogger Kathleen Mears feels more uncomfortable and less independent when she can’t stand on her own two feet. 

The many faces of Alzheimer's

May 19, 2017     Nicole Absar, MD

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is difficult. Atypical forms of the disease can be even more challenging to identify, requiring different assessment tools and interventions.

Setting the lighting mood

May 15, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Lighting can have a big impact on a resident’s day-to-day routine, comforts and well-being, resident blogger Kathleen Mears explains. 

5 ways to evaluate your competition

May 12, 2017     Luke Fannon

Secret shoppers? Tours? Using multiple strategies to gather intel on your competitors can improve your sales and marketing strategies.

CMS Final Rule: Compliance and ethics programs

May 11, 2017     Alan C. Horowitz, Esq., RN

SNF compliance and ethics programs aren’t optional anymore, and in some cases, may require additional staff roles. Are your programs survey-ready?

A roommate, as promised

May 8, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Roommates can make for awkward and uncomfortable quarters as resident blogger Kathleen Mears is experiencing. 

Raising my voice

May 1, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears speaks about what it’s like to get laryngitis and why it’s especially scary and difficult as a quadriplegic. 

Minding my business

April 24, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears knows aides must share information to provide the best possible care. She wonders if sometimes they ask for, or share, too much private information in a public setting. 

Skipping snacks

April 17, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears shares her thoughts on sweet snacks and why nibbles between meals might not be a good idea. 

Getting the most out of your charity strategy

April 13, 2017     Luke Fannon

A well-conceived approach to supporting charities (local or national) can have a positive impact on your community and your census.

Great lengths for short nails

April 10, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears knows it’s important for nails to be trimmed, which is why she’s sought assistance from caregivers since Medicaid coverage isn’t often enough to her liking.

The ACA and Medicaid

April 5, 2017     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

After months of political leverage on repealing the Affordable Care Act, the GOP decided to ditch its new House bill without voting on it. Now what?

For want of a cut

April 3, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Blogger Kathleen Mears wishes salon services could visit her nursing home to give residents a trim and boost their spirits, too.

Time to sit down

March 27, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears tracks one resident’s health, a process that pains her to watch. 

If you give someone a cookie

March 22, 2017     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak reflects on how a cookie donation program is a sweet treat for an assisted living facility and the lucky community recipients. 

LTC care quality: The medical directors' view

March 21, 2017     Alan C. Horowitz, Esq., RN

Medical directors see the whole scope of SNF issues, including every legal and survey-based outcome.

Deciding what to wear

March 20, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears describes how she’s built her wardrobe and had to adapt living in a nursing home, from what styles and fabrics she wears to what she can fit in her 29-inch-wide closet.

CMS' new emergency preparedness rules

March 15, 2017     Stan Szpytek

The clock is ticking on compliance with the new CMS emergency preparedness requirements. Safety expert Stan Szpytek breaks down the new regs and explains why your current assessments and training probably aren't going to be enough.

The story behind the numbers

March 13, 2017     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Nicole Stempak takes a look at what the Alzheimer's Association annual report could mean for people with dementia and those touched by the disease.

Keeping time

March 12, 2017     Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears manages to keep track of time and wonders whether other benefits might benefit from clocks in their room, too.