Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus
Kevin Kolus wrote for I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012. He is now senior communications manager at Cleveland Clinic.

One-on-one with… Zeke Turner

Zeke Turner is chairman and CEO of Mainstreet Property Group, an investor and developer of senior housing properties that incorporate hospitality designs and concierge care. In an exclusive interview, he discusses his business and his plans for its future expansion. Read More »

Leaders of Tomorrow: James Taylor

Congratulations to the fifth of five Leaders of Tomorrow award winners profiled this week: James Taylor, president, Sodexo Senior Living, Gaithersburg, Md.

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Medicaid on spin cycle

As is the case normally in this space, current events coalesced today with an announcement from industry advocates—this time, the American Health Care Association (AHCA)—asking for reprieve. Read More »

The world’s greatest senior housing dilemma

Yesterday’s article on the most exciting prospect in senior housing had been posted no longer than an hour before I started receiving emails and social media notifications from industry observers with stakes in China. Read More »

Senior living in a sandbox: The China investment

The Chinese government announced a target of adding 3.4 million senior housing beds by 2015, and has been inviting foreign investors and operators into the market to leverage their unparalleled expertise. Why this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for you and your peers to evolve senior living in previously impossible ways. Read More »

Optimizing your Web presence through Google

A Long-Term Living webinar Thursday touched on how senior living communities can boost their presence in Google searches—and therefore attract more leads—by leveraging two powerful offerings from the search engine giant: Google Place pages and Google+. Read More »

Obstacles and solutions in real-world design 2012

Senior living designers must show not only industriousness, but also diplomacy on any given project, as demonstrated by these submitting firms in 2012's Environments for Aging competition. Read More »

CNA uses Facebook to violate resident privacy, dignity

All of the policy in the world likely would not stop someone from going as heinously rogue as this nursing assistant. That type of behavior considers neither rules nor decorum and should be met with zero tolerance on the part of employers.

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Meth lab fire in Ohio nursing home spotlights bizarre tactics of producing drug

National safety and security experts say the lab’s presence in a nursing home is part of a larger trend involving the bizarre lengths meth addicts and dealers are willing to go for their drug. Read More »

When resident aggression turns physical

A recent series of unfortunate headlines, throughout both the United States and abroad, has shown the painful, and even deadly, results of resident aggression manifested into physical form. Read More »