Richard Peck

Richard L. Peck was editor in chief of I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living for 18 years. For eight years previous to that, he served as editor of the clinical magazine Geriatrics. He has written extensively on developments in the field of senior care and housing.

Family-owned SNFs: Can they survive?

Caregiving challenges have become so demanding that many SNFs may not have the resources to meet them. And in no sector of LTC is that concern more profound than in the family-owned facility. Read More »

Magic or mayhem: What’s ahead? Part 2

Editor's note: Last month, Long-Term Living readers were treated to five of Richard Peck's predictions for the industry in the coming years Read More »

Magic or mayhem: What’s ahead?

Predicting can be a fool's game-so many unforeseen events, personalities and circumstances can intrude to cloud the crystal ball. Predictions are as Read More »

Snap, crackle…in memory of Paul Willging

Snap, crackle—those are the words that always come to mind when I think of Paul Willging. It was no exception this week when I learned of his death Read More »

My Top 10 Movements in Long-Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) does not lack for crusaders. Although the progressive forces in this field are little known to the general public, which tends Read More »

LTC’s 10 most influential people

Are you satisfied with the names on this list? Tell us who you think were most influential by contacting the editors at psheehan@iadvance... Read More »

An LTL classic: ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Editor’s note: An appreciative reader recently contacted Long-Term Living in search of her favorite Richard Peck editorial from a decade ago. Read More »

Full-service lifecare

Laguna Honda Hospital San Francisco, California   Project Summary Client: Laguna Honda Hospital Architects: Anshen + Allen; Stantec Architecture Read More »

Managing Alzheimer’s in the Green House

The Green House is certainly not a new concept anymore-there are now some 56 such homes on 18 sites in 14 states, with a further 100 being developed Read More »

Housing the city’s elderly

What happens when you get teams from 10 architectural firms clustered in one large room attempting to design four inner city senior housing Read More »

Time for a change

Nothing lasts forever (although sometimes it may seem that way). As of this issue I will be stepping down as editor-in-chief of Long-Term Living, Read More »

Some hopeful signs

One of the more fascinating aspects of publishing a long-term care design annual is the chance it gives us to follow the evolution of design Read More »

Views from the Other Side

Visitors to our Web site at will note the arrival of a new blogger named Jonathan Rosenfeld. He is an attorney-but the Read More »

Going hard-edged

At Long-Term Living we've always prided ourselves on our topicality. Our articles are always pegged to the immediate administrative needs of our Read More »

Enough is Enough!

“What is being launched tomorrow is poorly planned, prematurely implemented and ham-handedly rolled out.” So said a press release “rocket” from the Read More »

Conservative values

When I was a young reporter starting out, I couldn't buy a house to save my life. My wife and I joked that, as perhaps the only renters in Upper Read More »

Quiet coalition is registering gains for LTC excellence

The challenge intensifies when facilities within that system are attempting to make profits, sustain margins, or otherwise survive as viable Read More »

Coal in our stockings?

As we conclude this very long year (wasn't New Year's about five years ago?), we naturally wonder what Santa will leave in our stockings to Read More »

“Hello, Sweetie”

Recently the New York Times ran an article about all the “sweeties,” “dears,” and “honeys” who occupy our long-term care facilities. And all of them Read More »

Stepping up to say hello

At night it sends a glowing welcome, and both day and night it extends services and activities to residents and visitors at the C.C. Young CCRC in Read More »

What lies ahead

By the time you read this, the Presidential campaign—that agonizing, frustrating, marathon ordeal—will have less than a month to go. By then we'll Read More »

Electronic health record certification: Next steps

So far the electronic health record (EHR) seems to be so much “sound and fury” for long-term care, signifying you know what. But there are Read More »

Going with the flow

I read an article recently on how the good old days of broadcast television are behind us. You remember those days, when 50 million Americans would Read More »

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare's famous question implied that a name was incidental to the essence of something—“a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But Read More »

Evolving with the neighborhood

When you've been operating a nursing home for 100 years, can you change your offerings and environment sufficiently to appeal to the new senior care Read More »

Product Showcase

Dear Reader: Welcome to Long-Term Living's Product Showcase. Useful and innovative products are regularly being made available to professionals in Read More »

The Real you?

Those of you who visit our Web site,—and I hope it's a growing number of you—may have noticed our reader polls: simple Read More »

“Staffing Is Not a Complex Problem”

According to Dawson, who heads the prestigious Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI) and was a key contributor to the recent Institute of Read More »

An environment for aging

Last month I equated much of our new “Environments for Aging” thrust with developments in city life. Fact is, though, EFA has a much broader Read More »

Renovation, the budget-friendly way

For an administrator and owner/operator, a long-term care facility in need of renovation is a daunting prospect. The mini-hospital or the 1970s Read More »