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Luke Fannon is founder and CEO of Premier Coaching & Training, Unionville, Pa., which provides sales training, marketing team coaching and strategic consulting services to providers in the long-term care industry. For more information, visit

What senior living can learn from Southwest’s customer service

Senior living marketing expert Luke Fannon discusses five steps to using care quality to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty. Read More »

How to get hospital referral sources to open up

Hospitals don’t always make it easy for post-acute care providers to talk with their case managers. Creative marketing techniques can open the doors. Read More »

5 ways to evaluate your competition

Secret shoppers? Tours? Using multiple strategies to gather intel on your competitors can improve your sales and marketing strategies. Read More »

Getting the most out of your charity strategy

A well-conceived approach to supporting charities (local or national) can have a positive impact on your community and your census. Read More »

How to keep your national branding campaign local

Marketing senior living services on a national scale is tricky. Here are some tips on keeping your national voice locally relevant. Read More »

The 4 disciplines of a strategic marketing plan

A varied and robust strategic marketing plan can help you tell your brand's story, engage consumers, educate clients and stay one step ahead of your competition. Read More »

Administrators: How well do you engage with Admissions, Sales and Marketing?

Marketing consultant Luke Fannon explains why administrator engagement can make all the difference in increasing census and fostering a more productive sales and marketing team. Read More »

Presenting prices to prospects

Should prices be posted on senior living pamphlets and websites? As tempting as it can be, senior marketing expert Luke Fannon says it isn't a smart strategy. Read More »

Sales versus marketing

As more communities feel the economic pressure to sell units and maintain census, the focus increasingly is on sales and marketing teams. Read More »

3 ways to improve the health of your referral relationships

You can learn a lot from those who love you, those who like you and those who hate you. Put that knowledge to work to improve your financial well-being. Read More »

DIY Marketing Part 4: Strategic marketing plan execution

Luke Fannon explains strategic marketing plans and overall marketing improvement plans in this fourth and final installment to the DIY Marketing series. Read More »

DIY Marketing Part 3: Strategic marketing plans for growth

In the third installment of his "DIY Marketing" blog series, Luke Fannon explains how to use objectives, strategies and tactics to reach better business goals. Read More »

DIY Marketing Part 2: The 4 elements of the Marketing Improvement Plan

In the second installment of Do-It Yourself marketing, Luke Fannon discusses how a Marketing Improvement Plan plays a crucial role in your organization's marketing makeover. Read More »

DIY Marketing Part 1: Assess thyself

Blogger Luke Fannon provides six simple steps to assess your facility and its services (and your competition's) in his new series on DIY marketing for long-term and post-acute care organizations. Read More »

Winter weather is a marketing opportunity

No one can control the weather, but we can control the risks that older people and their caregivers face when the snow piles up. Contributor Luke Fannon explains how the right strategy can turn the perfect storm into a powerful marketing opportunity. Read More »

Marketing strategies to reduce hospital readmissions

With the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' mandated penalties at issue, hospitals and long-term care organizations are strategizing ways to reduce readmissions. Local communication and partnerships can go a long way in cutting down on traffic through the emergency room's "revolving door." Read More »

3 ways to measure marketing tactic effectiveness

Which marketing tactics are working best for your facility? Direct referrals aren't the only way to measure the worth of your marketing strategies. Read More »

3 marketing strategies in response to the Affordable Care Act

President Barack Obama’s reelection ensured that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be fully implemented and your organization needs to be prepared for its potential impact on your facility or service. Here are some important aspects of the law you must consider when making strategic and tactical decisions that will impact the marketing of your services. Read More »

5 things you should say for successful cold calls

One of the challenges that we face in sales and marketing is making that initial contact with a prospective referral source that we have never met before. Cold calling, whether conducted over the phone or in-person is nerve racking and rarely successful--unless you have a plan! Read More »

5 stages of highly effective LTC facility tours

Having conducted and participated in hundreds of facility tours during my career, I have been able to distill the tour process into its most important stages. These stages comprise the welcome, discovery, tour, presenting financials/commitment and exit. Read More »

Perseverance pays off when targeting physicians for referrals

A basic strategy you should use to grow qualified referrals is targeting physicians for referral development. Consider these recent successes by clients employing this strategy. Read More »

4 new marketing strategies for 2012

An ever changing marketplace requires us to respond with new strategies and tactics to meet the needs of our residents and referral sources. Here are some of the most successful. Read More »

7 tips to the CEO marketing strategy

Other CEOs and leaders are motivated to meet with you. They need a relationship with you as much as you need a relationship with them. Here are some tactics I have executed that realize this concept. Read More »

5 steps to convert LTC referrals into admissions

Converting referrals into admissions is a complex process in which a team’s objective is to motivate a prospect and their family to choose a facility or service to meet their needs. Check out these strategies to maximize census. Read More »

5 competencies of successful sales/marketing professionals

The simple truth is that successful sales and marketing professionals are made, not born. Here are the five areas of skill and knowledge your team members must have to be successful in healthcare sales and marketing. Read More »

4 steps to overcoming a negative reputation

First, you must understand the nature of reputations and how they develop. Negative reputations can happen catastrophically or gradually over an extended period of time. Read More »

Update on strategies to increase Medicare length of stay, overcome RUG reductions

You might appreciate an update on a new strategy that I’ve implemented with clients in response to Medicare cuts—and the response from referral Read More »

Developing healthcare referral sources

Luke Fannon Relationships with hospitals, physicians and other healthcare referral sources are critical to an LTC provider's ability to maintain Read More »

Don’t take competition from home healthcare lightly

There are a few trends right now threatening both facilities’ skilled and overall census. One of the most significant trends: With increasing Read More »

Try these 3 programs to increase Medicare census and reimbursement

October 1st is looming. That dreaded date, what with its Medicare cuts, is causing facilities to scramble and evaluate budget savings and other Read More »