Dan Ansel

Daniel E. Ansel is founder and president of Active Daily Living, a population health platform that provides interactive tools, personalized content, resources, and advice for seniors, caregivers, and people with functional limitations. You can reach him at dansel@privatehealthnews.com or (513) 731-6700, ext. 17

Handling the Finances for a Senior with Dementia

For family and caregivers, handling someone else’s finances can be a difficult task, particularly when that individual is afflicted with dementia. Read More »

Protecting Your Residents From Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation or abuse of older adults occurs when a person’s resources are used by another for personal profit or gain, or actions are taken that deprive an older person of his or her rightful benefits. No one is immune. This sort of theft can happen to anyone, regardless of social standing or education levels. Read More »