Jason Bring

Jason E. Bring, Esq., is a member of the Healthcare Group of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. Bring defends nursing facilities in medical liability and False Claims Act cases, as well as assists them in regulatory and reimbursement issues.

A resurgence of fraud cases based on quality allegations

Alleged poor quality charges are landing providers in the poorhouse. A look at cases based on poor quality of care and the subsequent verdicts handed down. Read More »

OIG alleges rampant skilled nursing billing errors

The Wall Street Journal reported that the OIG is using the term “Operation Vacuum Cleaner” to refer to its review of nursing home billing issues. This term is perhaps even more foreboding than the report itself. With the fiscal cliff looming and sharp negotiations set to begin over the future of Medicare reimbursement, the timing and substance of this report are less than ideal for an industry already under fire. Read More »

5 measurable quality initiatives form core of CMS Action Plan

As nursing homes compete in the post-reform environment for new direct patient admissions and more hospital discharges, several data driven tools—from Five Star rankings to hospital readmission benchmarks—that form the core of CMS’ focus on quality will be critical to nursing homes’ success. Read More »

The new Community First Choice program: How will it affect LTC providers?

The Obama Administration seems determined to keep patients in their community settings and out of nursing homes for as long as possible. Obviously that will mean fewer admissions to long-term care facilities, so those facilities must be thinking of ways to adapt in order to remain viable. Read More »

Referral, liability implications of hospital readmissions from SNFs

Delayed hospital discharges mean potentially fewer acute patients and fewer days for the resident in the nursing home. But these are primarily revenue and business issues, so what are the legal issues for the nursing homes? Read More »

Could reimbursement cuts be the impetus for lawsuit reform?

Long-term care providers are justly lamenting the harsh 11.1 percent Medicare reimbursement cuts that took effect on October 1. But in the Read More »

Home health billing practices under fire from multiple flanks

Three recent developments indicate sharp scrutiny being placed on the home health industry. Stemming from Congress, the courts and the Office of Read More »

OIG attempts quality of care case against Kentucky nursing home

To build on what is becoming a focused blog series, starting with our article in the June 2011 issue of Long-Term Living and last month’s blog on Read More »

New OIG webpage catalogs quality-of-care Corporate Integrity Agreements

As an addendum to our recent article titled “Nursing care quality and the False Claims Act” in the June issue of Long-Term Living, the Office of Read More »

Nursing care quality and the False Claims Act

Jason E. Bring, Esq The federal False Claims Act (FCA) permits private persons known as “relators” to file a form of civil action against private Read More »