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January 1, 2007
by root
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Aasve, Joan.Take a New Look at Resident and Family Councils, 62 (Nov)

Amo, Michael.See, Rowe, Niki L.


Baer, John E.The Cost of Inadequate Leadership, 60 (Sep)

Bagwell, Ed.Managing Aging Fire-Alarm Systems, 56 (Mar)

Bannan, Philip E.Why Building Systems Engineers Are Crucial to the Design Team, 22 (May)

Beam, Leta.Hiring and Keeping the Best People, 42 (Jan)

Beatty, Lois.Empowering the CNA, 32 (Feb)

Becht, Rob J.See, Bleier, Robin A.

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  • Assisted Living Is Affordable, 86 (Oct)

Bleier, Robin A., Becht, Rob J. All the King's Horses and All the King's Men, 54 (Sep)

Blumenstock, Claudia.Baby Boomers are Reinventing Long-Term Care, 22 (Nov)

  • Baby Boomers, Here We Come, 22 (Dec)

Bolton, Zoe M.IT as the Key to Survival, 24 (Jan)

Bosell, Eric(Not-For-Profit Report). The Voices of Experience, 85 (Sep)

Bott, Marjorie J.See, Taunton, Roma Lee.

Bouley, Phyllis.Weighing In on Weight Loss, 70 (Oct)

Braun, Julie A.;Kessler, Larry; Bruley, Mark E. FDA Bed Safety Guidance: Mitigating Risk, 36 (May)

  • Take a Look Before You Hook, 69 (Jun)

Braun, Julie A.; Bruley, Mark E. Bed Safety: Preventing Fires Caused by Hospital Beds, 50 (Aug)

Brown, Steve.See, Rosenthal, Dan.

Brownlee, Maurice.A Guide to Managing the “Second-Tier” Nursing Home, 72 (Apr)

Bruley, Mark(interview). See, Braun, Julie

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Church, Katherine.What Assisted Living Can Learn From Long-Term Care, 58 (Nov)

Coffland, Valorie.See, Taunton, Roma Lee.

Comeaux, Lisa(Assisted Living Review). Rising Above Katrina's Floods, 52 (Jan)

Cona, Jennifer B.Beware of the Deficit Reduction Act, 46 (Oct)

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Cowley, Paul J.No Snakes Need Apply, 26 (Jul)

Christiansen, Robert W.;Soreff, Stephen M. ELDERtech: Promoting intergenerational Understanding, 46 (Dec)


Davis, Janet Stoia.The Case for Hiring a Wound Care Professional, 80 (Jun)

DeAgostino, Patricia(Not-For-Profit Report). Meeting the Community's Needs, 83 (Sep)

DiCarlo, Tom.Forming a Falls Prevention Team, 64 (Sep)

Dougherty, Michelle(interview). Moving to the Next Generation of IT, 18 (Jan)

Duda-Gardiner, Susan.See, Kavanaugh, Kevin M.


Eckert, Bruce.Protect Computerized Data With Off-Site Backups, 42 (May)


Farley, Daniel W.(Guest Editorial). Dates We Remember, 8 (Mar)

Field, Cheryl;Kazmer, Jim. Be a Winner in Medicare RUG-53, 58 (Jun)

Follett, Michael(interview). Creating the Nursing Home of the Future, 24 (Mar)


Gaines, Robin.Food Safety in Assisted Living: New Skills Needed, 44 (Aug)

  • (Not-For-Profit Report) Serving Up Fresh, Local Food, 57 (Aug)

Garavaglia, Brian.Keeping an Ethical Perspective on End-of-Life Issues, 62 (Oct)

Garrett, Lisa L.See, Lyncheski, John E.

Geller, Joseph T.Nursing Homes: Now Healing From the Outside In, 32 (Oct)

Gerber, Barbara.Add a Little “Mystery” to the Interview Process, 78 (Oct)

Goethe, Katherine E.See, Leatherman, Martha E.

Gosselin, Jamison.Staying Alive: Three Takes on Today's Senior Living, 14 (Aug)

Grachek, Marianna Kern.Community-Wide Emergency Planning Involving Long-Term Care, 54 (May)

  • (interview) “It's All About Leadership,” 26 (Dec)

Gross, Judy.Cleanliness Is Next to Deficiency-Free, 28 (Jan)


Hagland, Mark.A Journey to RHIO, 56 (Nov)

Hardy, Gene.Checking Up on Medicare Part B, 14 (Jul)

Hoban, Sandra.Creating a New Culture of Safety, 51 (Feb)

  • CNAs Are Speaking—But Are You Listening?, 38 (Mar)

  • Facility Buses: Look for Changes Ahead, 33 (May)

  • During a Disaster, Residents With Dementia Still Need Consistent Care, 72 (Nov)

Hoban, Sandra(Design Center). The Perfect Blend (Sunrise of Connecticut Avenue), 41 (Oct)

  • A City Sanctuary (Highland Gardens), 37 (Nov)

  • Living the Good Life (The Heritage Campus), 29 (Dec)

Hodge, Jim.Lowering Healthcare Premiums by Increasing Staff Wellness, 66 (Nov)

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