Girl Scout Cookies for a cause

Girls from one Minnesota Girl Scout troop fundraised to buy and deliver 400 cookies to veterans at a local retirement community. Read More »

Ziegler, My LifeSite launch state reports on CCRCs

Maryland is the first in the series of state-by-state reports examining the way continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) charge for services and how the communities are administered. Read More »

Washington state votes to oversee CCRCs

The state is one of the first to pass legislature to bulk up consumer protections relating to continuing care retirement communities. Could your CCRC meet their new requirements? Read More »

Argentum, OnShift working to meet workforce needs

A growing senior population needs to be met with a growing senior care workforce. Argentum and OnShift are teaming up to help providers attract and retain employees. Read More »

CCRC to launch “virtual senior living” membership program

Life Enriching Communities wants to help seniors plan for a possible transition of care while they're still healthy and independent.  Read More »

Md. retirement community made the most of Jonas

We’ve seen the images and, in some cases, experienced Winter Storm Jonas firsthand. But here’s one snow story you haven’t seen. Read More »

CCRC resident will sing for board

A college vocal performance major will spend the semester living in a retirement community as a result of a partnership between the CCRC and Drake University. Haley Jenkins will sing two concerts a month in exchange for free room, board and utilities. Read More »

One-on-one with… Doug Leidig

The economy has been a challenge for some CCRCs in recent years, but what’s next for CCRCs? Asbury Communities President and CEO Doug Leidig discusses the opportunities and challenges for this market sector. Read More »

Obesity and nursing homes

As obesity rates among older demographics continue to increase, will skilled nursing facilities have the equipment, staff and knowledge to care for them? Maybe not, according to recent findings. Read More »

MatrixCare to buy AOD Software

The two electronic health record companies intend to combine product lines, serving every major sector of long-term care. Read More »

$5M lawsuit filed in Ga. retirement community fire

The legal troubles continue over the June fire at Marshall Square Retirement Community, Evans, Ga., which killed one resident and displaced more than 80, as a new lawsuit alleges flawed management and a dangerous "shelter in place" policy. Read More »

NCAL names new CEAL board chair

The organization elects its director of workforce and quality improvement to the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living board helm. Read More »

Norovirus sickens 69+ at Calif. CCRC

Updated Dec. 11: The number of cases has grown to nearly 100 but is expected to peak today, according to reports from Santa Barbara County. Clinical and facility operations teams at the Santa Barbara retirement community enact infectious disease protocols to restrict the spread of the outbreak. Read More »

5 Flu Falsehoods

Is your staff really up to speed on the importance of flu vaccines? Do they know how to talk with residents and families about it? The CDC offers some simple talking points to smooth the road. Read More »

CDC launches 2015-16 National Influenza Vaccination Week

Get your flu shot yet? This season’s flu activity has had a slow start so far, but the CDC warns that peak flu season is yet to come, and the big risks are far from over for those age 65 and older. Read More »

Memoirs set to classical music

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra continues its Music as Medicine series with the first performance of “Memoirs.” The Dakota Wind Quintet will punctuate the telling of a retirement community resident’s life story. Read More »

Person-centered care and resident choice: Giving elders a voice

Providers and clinicians often want to honor resident choice, but are afraid to do so. The key is finding the balance between providing quality care and keeping clients safe, and allowing choices that may involve risk but will enhance quality of life. Read More »

Report: Liability costs expected to rise in 2016

Liability loss rates vary widely among individual states depending on tort reform, use of arbitration, the jittery market and many other factors, notes a new analysis. Read More »

Next year’s calendar girls (and guys) revealed

A Virginia retirement community poses to the tune of classic hits to highlight its clubs and activities while raising money for residents experiencing financial difficulty. Read More »

A Round up of LeadingAge 2015

A look at what attendees were talking about in the hallways and online about LeadingAge's 2015 annual conference and expo in Boston. Read More »

LeadingAge transitions but pledges to continue leading

LeadingAge’s president-elect Katie Smith Sloan and board chair-elect Kathryn Roberts vow to keep changing to meet changing industry needs. Read More »

Brookdale appoints new COO, CFO

Executive leadership changes continue to be made at Brookdale Senior Living, the nation's largest senior living provider. Read More »

LeadingAge changes the name “CCRC” to reflect today’s senior values

LeadingAge is getting rid of the clunky term "continuing care retirement community," saying it's outdated and no longer reflects what seniors want or how they view themselves. A new term for the category is far better, leaders at the annual conference say. Read More »

Like sitting on a cloud

Over-the-road truckers and especially people with disabilities understand how extended sitting can have a negative impact on their “bottom” lines. Read More »

A light-duty aide’s challenges

A long-term caregiver doesn’t realize importance manual dexterity plays in meeting residents’ needs until the ability to use both hands is compromised. Read More »

Fight brewing over proposed CMS arbitration rule

The long-term care industry argues that the CMS arbitration rule goes too far; state attorneys general seek an outright ban. Read More »

Robotic pets are beneficial to people with dementia

They don’t shed. make you sneeze or scratch, but robotic pets provide ongoing benefits to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Read More »

Reexamine elopement risk assessments

Your answers to five questions may reveal that your program is missing key risk factors in keeping your residents safe from wandering. Read More »

A facility in flux

Nothing is as sure as change, especially when it comes to staffing in a long-term care facility. And residents do notice the change. Read More »

Parkinson’s research: Summer Student Fellowships announced

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation and the American Parkinson's Disease Association announce new fellowships that provide opportunities for medical students to participate in Parkinson’s research. Read More »