Collision in my new power chair

Getting used to piloting a new power chair was part of SNF resident blogger Kathleen Mears' planned day out, but not the crash inside the salon. Read More »

Getting stiff

Getting that handy touchpad laptop made life seem easier, but it wasn't so great for her hand's range of motion, says SNF resident blogger Kathleen Mears. Read More »

Report: Patient engagement has a long way to go

A startling number of people across adult age groups are nonchalant about engaging in their own health and wellness, according to new survey data from Frost & Sullivan. Read More »

Wanted: Senior-savvy tech

2015 may have been the buzz year for "The Internet of Things," but 2016 could be about the "Internet of Meaningful Senior Tech Things." Read More »

GreatCall acquires Lively Inc.

Two California active aging technology companies join forces to provide better remote monitoring and sensor-based home healthcare. Read More »

Portable ventilator technology: Relief for COPD?

Portable ventilators can improve respiratory health for those with chronic COPD and reduce their need for acute healthcare services, one study notes. Read More »

2015 LeadingAge Hackfest ready to “engage with age”

What’s the coolest way to spend Halloween night? LeadingAge HackFest! With $10,000 in treats on the line, innovative aging technology developers and designers are sure to have some clever tricks up their sleeves. Read More »

LeadingAge CAST launches selection tools for functional assessment systems

Being able to measure and document residents’ functional status and activity levels is key to resident health and provider reimbursement. CAST’s new selection tools help providers choose the assessment products that best serve their needs. Read More »

Tech-savvy seniors and longevity

In many cases, tech-savvy seniors are healthier, but why? An Austin, Texas initiative will study the impact of tech connectivity on senior health and longevity. Read More »

Wearables tracking more than heart rate

A CONVERGE panel discusses developments and drawbacks of wearable devices for healthcare. Read More »

IBM to buy Merge Healthcare for $1B

IBM continues its buying spree by capturing Merge Healthcare, bringing IBM's Watson data analytics technology to the world of medical images--providing new research data to improve electronic medical records, wearables, and more. Read More »

Study shows benefits of wearable ventilation technology in respiration therapy

Wearable ventilation device can increase physical activity in those with chronic respiratory disease, notes a new study. Read More »

Frequency-embedded fabric aids circulation

A wearable fabric device that uses electromagnetic pulses can boost blood flow and blood oxygen levels, its developer says. Read More »

Wearable device has built-in intelligence

A new wearable device can “sense” an individual’s everyday patterns and behaviors. Read More »

ONC funds startups for senior mHealth

Six startup companies focused on digital health and care coordination get new funding from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Read More »

Wearable mini insulin pump treats diabetes in LTC settings: Study

Data from an ongoing study show the effectiveness of a self-administered insulin delivery device in a long-term care setting. Read More »

NIH: Tech strategy is key for Alzheimer’s research

The National Institutes of Health looks to technology and smarter data-gathering to transform dementia research. Read More »

Stroke recovery centers get new walking therapy

Two companies are partnering to expand the use of a walking-assist device to stroke rehabilitation centers. Read More »

AARP taps Pfizer, UnitedHealthcare for senior mHealth initiative

AARP is launching a series of hands-on studies to see how seniors interact with mobile health apps and gadgets. Read More »

Survey: Seniors want to access their healthcare online

A growing number of tech-savvy seniors want to access healthcare services from home, but most of them don’t think that today’s technology is sufficient enough to do so, according to a new survey from the New York-based research firm Accenture. Read More »

New skin adhesive expands options for wound care, wearables

A new soft-silicone skin adhesive will add options for applying wound dressings and wearable sensors.  Read More »

New connectivity platform integrates data from wearables, sensors

A single connectivity platform gathers data from implants and wearable sensors.  Read More »

Temporary ‘tattoo’ measures glucose levels

Researchers turn a wearable glucose monitor into a temporary tattoo.  Read More »

The widening world of wearables

A robust information technology architecture is needed to handle the new data influx from wearable devices while maintaining quality, says one expert. Read More »

EHRs: Progress or pileup?

The long-term care industry’s adoption of electronic health records systems has made great strides in the past year. What needs to happen next? Read More »

SNF adopts pressure ulcer monitoring system

The developer of a pressure ulcer monitoring system gets its first skilled nusring client. Read More »

NIH funds robotic mobility research

Seniors with mobility challenges could benefit from robotic research funded by the National Institutes of Health.  Read More »

CMS policies, new technologies will change home health: Survey

Home health will see a greater use of data-gathering technology in 2015 but also will face changing regulations, according to a new survey. Read More »

Aging 2.0 announces this year’s academy participants

Twenty startups have been selected for this year's Aging 2.0 Academy. Read More »

VA hospital lauds use of pressure ulcer sensors

A wearable pressure ulcer sensor gets high marks from a Veterans Affairs hospital.  Read More »