Stroke recovery centers get new walking therapy

Washington-based Cadence Biomedical has entered into a distribution agreement with Tennessee-based TruMedical Solutions to expand the use of a walking-assist device to stroke rehabilitation centers.

Cadence Biomedical’s Kickstart is a wearable neuro-rehabilitation device that uses a patented exotendon that functions as an artificial tendon to provide stability, support and swing assistance to accelerate walking recovery following a stroke, spinal cord injury or other neurologic condition.

Under terms of the agreement, TruMedical Solutions, which manufactures and sells products for use in rehab centers, will market Kickstart first throughout the Southeast, where the number of strokes outranks the national average, and then nationwide.

“In our effort to build our national distribution network for Kickstart, we considered many paths to reaching the critical Southeast market,” said Barry Hix, CEO of Cadence Biomedical in a prepared statement. “Our decision to work with TruMedical is based on their professionalism, established history of success and existing partnerships with many of the nation’s foremost rehabilitation providers. We are now positioned to rapidly expand our footprint and, more importantly, improve the support we deliver to clinicians who are transforming lives with a faster recovery to walking.”

Topics: Rehabilitation , Technology & IT , Wearables