Personal resident alarms: More protection or more risk?

More personal alarm-based safety devices for aren't always better—for the residents or the organization. The wrong strategy can make bed and chair alarms a liability instead of a protection. Read More »

Wristwatch incorporates personal response system

A new 'smart' watch for seniors incorporates personal response technologies.  Read More »

Vibrating insoles could reduce falls

Using high-tech insoles that stimulate the soles of the feet can reduce falls, researchers say.  Read More »

Wearable device helps manage COPD

The prototype of a wearable device could help residents manage COPD.  Read More »

Caregivers get help from supercomputer

IBM and GenieMD partner to bring supercomputing power to caregivers. Read More »

Skin-like device tracks skin hydration, temperature

Researchers have developed a skin-like device that can serve as an around-the-clock cardiovascular monitor.  Read More »

Wireless monitor can reduce pressure ulcers

A wearable pressure ulcer monitor alerts caregivers of the appropriate time to reposition a resident.  Read More »

Remote monitoring patch wins FDA clearance

A wearable biosensor patch has received FDA clearance for remote monitoring.  Read More »

Parkinson’s research initiative to use analytics, wearables

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and Intel have announced a technology-based collaboration to improve research and treatment for Parkison's disease. Read More »

Tracking the benefits of sunlight

A new wearable device can measure a person's exposure to sunlight.  Read More »

Elderly consumers support robotic aids for ADLs

A study reveals that the elderly are supportive of using robotic aids to help with activities of daily living.  Read More »

GPS shoe redesigned for Alzheimer’s patients

The company that created GPS-embedded shoes is now focusing on keeping residents with Alzheimer's disease safer.  Read More »

Hearing enhancement technology goes stylish

A baseball cap fitted with a device that uses bone conduction technology offers new options for the hearing impaired.  Read More »

Pressure ulcer prevention program uses new patient monitor

Wireless patient monitoring technology serves as the centerpiece for a pressure ulcer prevention program.  Read More »

Silent locks & access control in LTC

As LTC design spaces become more “open,” access control becomes a much more important part of LTC facility strategy.  Read More »

3 steps to conquering the fear of falling

Trepidation about tripping? Most seniors who have taken a tumble once, will develop a fear of falling again. Helping seniors to overcome the fear of falling starts with a deep understanding of what scares them--and then empowering them to change it. Read More »

AT&T designs automated mobile falls management system

When an older person falls, it’s crucial to call caregivers immediately. But what if the caregiver could call the senior, no matter where they fell? Read More »

Is renovation always a good thing?

Every year a group of multi-disciplinary professionals gather to discuss Design Showcase submissions for the Environments for Aging review. Inevitably, during the discussion, a common theme appears. This year was no exception: Is renovation always a good thing? Read More »

Beyond fall prevention: Solving the hip fracture crisis

When is a fracture not just a fracture? When it’s a hip fracture. Hip fractures in the elderly can have devastating consequences. Read More »

Mobile IT applications

The use of mobile information technology (IT) to assist healthcare professionals in making treatment decisions at the point of care is expected to Read More »

Groups blast Medicare cuts

Even as the federal government proposes Medicare and Medicaid spending cuts for 2009, long-term care organizations are pushing to reform the Read More »