Wearable mini insulin pump treats diabetes in LTC settings: Study

Data collected from an ongoing study at the Meadows Nursing & Rehab Center in Dallas, Pa., has shown that the V-Go system from Bridgewater, N.J.-based Valeritas is effective in controlling blood glucose levels and reducing insulin requirements in long-term care (LTC) residents.

The device is a wearable, basal-bolus insulin delivery system that enables residents to administer a continuous, pre-set basal rate of insulin over a 24-hour period, as well as providing on-demand bolus dosing at mealtimes.

Worn next to the skin discreetly under a resident's clothing, the V-Go device weighs only one ounce when filled with insulin and does not require any electronics, batteries, infusion sets or programming.

“We have learned from these analyses that V-Go has the potential to make an impact for patients with diabetes in the [LTC] setting. These data produced encouraging results for patients and we intend to explore this further,” Valeritas CEO Kristine Peterson said in a press release.

Topics: Technology & IT , Wearables