Disaster Preparedness

CMS’ new emergency preparedness rules

The clock is ticking on compliance with the new CMS emergency preparedness requirements. Safety expert Stan Szpytek breaks down the new regs and explains why your current assessments and training probably aren't going to be enough. Read More »

TX hospice indicted for $60M fraud, overmedicating

Sixteen people are mired in a $60 million scheme to rip off Medicare for false hospice services, including giving Schedule II controlled pain medication to patients who didn’t need them. Read More »

CMS issues emergency preparedness rule

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) found current preparedness regulations were not comprehensive enough to address the complexities of emergency preparedness. The agency has issued new requirements that follow industry best practices for each type of provider and supplier.  Read More »

CMS gives hospitals extension to meet new fire safety codes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced it will not begin surveying for compliance with the 2012 fire safety codes until November. The July 5 ruling still applies when considering which code chapters facilities must comply with.  Read More »

Texas assisted living residents displaced by flooding

Rising floodwaters prompted an evacuation of Atria Cypresswood after historic flooding in the Houston area.   Read More »

Md. retirement community made the most of Jonas

We’ve seen the images and, in some cases, experienced Winter Storm Jonas firsthand. But here’s one snow story you haven’t seen. Read More »

Tornado damage causes whirlwind for LTC residents

Nursing home and memory care residents were moved to another facility until repairs can be made. Both facilities are owned by the same company but operate under different state regulations. The facility accepting evacuees doesn’t accept Medicaid, causing a major snag in the disaster preparedness plan.  Read More »

How prepared is your SNF for emergencies?

A state survey of Ohio's nursing homes holds lessons for others on disaster preparedness—including practicing what's on paper. Read More »

Staff training on fire safety

There's more to fires than just putting them out. Fire protection systems need to be properly installed and maintained, and staff needs to be properly trained in emergency procedures. Read More »

$5M lawsuit filed in Ga. retirement community fire

The legal troubles continue over the June fire at Marshall Square Retirement Community, Evans, Ga., which killed one resident and displaced more than 80, as a new lawsuit alleges flawed management and a dangerous "shelter in place" policy. Read More »

Powering up for power outages

Short power outages can wreak havoc on a skilled nursing facility's processes and ability to care for residents. Long outages can be devastating. These tips can help you beef up your preparedness. Read More »

150 seniors evacuated from W. Hollywood floods

The 134-unit senior apartment building was flooded by heavy rain on Sunday. Read More »

HHS launches online tool for disaster readiness

The tool helps plan ahead to meet the emergency needs of community residents who rely on electrically powered medical and assistive equipment to live independently at home. Read More »

Fire at Mexico nursing home kills 16, injures 5

A fire ripped through a nursing home in Mexicali, Mexico City, this week, killing 16 residents and injuring five others Read More »

Ducking disasters

Every facility has a disaster plan. But are you preparing your staffers to keep the "little stuff" from becoming big crises? Read More »

Plan for a tornado emergency

No strangers to severe storms, two long-term care execs at an Oklahoma CCRC pose four questions about preparing for this natural disaster. Read More »

A deadly fire sweeps through nursing home in Central China

The importance of complying with fire suppression regulations in U.S. nursing home facilities is underscored by a recent report of a Chinese nursing home destroyed by an undetermined blaze. Read More »

WHO addresses antimicrobial resistance

Delegates at the 68th World Health Assembly endorsed a global action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance, including antibiotic resistance, which they termed the most urgent drug resistance trend. The plan has five objectives. Read More »

Hurricane Sandy: A lesson in survival

Extraordinary events call for extraordinary measures, especially in caring for special populations. Evacuation is more than simply staying “high and dry.” Read More »

5 steps to a total security solution

A completely secure long-term care environment only can be accomplished with thoughtful planning and performance. Take five steps to keep residents, staff, visitors and property safe. Read More »

Severe storm leads to East Texas nursing home evacuation

An East Texas nursing home sustains damage from severe storms on Thursday. One person perishes in Illinois tornado. Read More »

Spring into safety

Maintenance and housekeeping staff are the first line of defense in keeping residents and staff safe, healthy and secure in a long-term care environment. Read More »

Sprinkler systems save lives

Two recent fires—one a tragedy, one a triumph—prove the wisdom of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandate to require sprinkler systems in skilled nursing facilities. Read More »

Residents moved from nursing home to ensure safety

Evacuation from a skilled nursing facility wasn’t because of a tornado, a fire or flood. Because of a concern for resident safety, a New York nursing home put its evacuation plan into action. Read More »

Electric wheelchairs: A potential safety hazard

Regular maintenance and inspection are keys to reducing potential fire hazards in long-term care facilities and for the elderly and/or those with disabilities who reside in the community. Read More »

SNF residents evacuated in Buffalo blizzard

Emergency planning and preparation are keys to surviving a natural disaster; the recent six- to 10-foot snowfall in upstate New York serves as a punishing reminder. Read More »

FEMA seeks recovery of monetary aid issued during Superstorm Sandy

Two years later, repercussions from Superstorm Sandy are still being felt by some assisted living residents in Rockaway, NY. Is the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s effort to recoup undeserved funds a management error or resident fraud? Read More »

National Radon Action Week

The effects of high levels of radon gas in homes and buildings across the United States pose a serious risk of developing lung cancer. Take time to test now. Read More »

Ebola and its impact on seniors

The media storm over the Ebola threat is creating fear and suspicion throughout the country. Being aware of the threat is smart, but being obsessed with the remote possibility of infection can be distracting. Read More »

Battling Ebola and other threats, wherever we are

Ebola is in the news, but those working in long-term care face a bigger threat to their health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a wealth of information on both. Read More »