Disaster Preparedness

Mobile technology addresses emergency preparedness

New cloud-based mobile technology is designed to help facility, operational and emergency management professionals at long-term care providers formulate emergency management plans. Read More »

When domestic violence comes to the workplace

Do your employees and administrators know what to do when someone's domestic violence problems follow them to work? Long-Term Living's safety expert explains what facilities can do to protect themselves and others. Read More »

Practice to protect

Staff readiness to react to a natural disaster or dangerous situations is imperative in long-term care environments. Read More »

Legionnaires’ disease in LTC facilities: A hidden threat

A new standard proposes the implementation of stronger safeguards against Legionnaires' disease, the incidence of which is increasing. The elderly are particularly vulnerable, and long-term care facilities that don't take precautions might find themselves at risk for mitigation and litigation expenses. Read More »

Long-term care emergency preparedness

Have you shaken the dust off your emergency preparedness plan lately? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has added some new requirements to what must be in an emergency operations plan and how employees must be trained. Read More »

State makes emergency transportation available

Nursing homes in Georgia can register for government assistance with transporting residents to safety in the event of a hurricane. Read More »

Disaster preparedness focus of April 30 event

The federal government is planning its inaugural PrepareAthon! National Day of Action for April 30 in an effort to help healthcare professionals and others plan their individual, family and facility responses to natural disasters. Read More »

Preparedness protected residents, Village Shalom chief says

One person was shot and killed outside an Overland Park, Kan., senior living community on Sunday, but the outcome could have been worse had staff members not been prepared for such an event, the community’s president and CEO says. Read More »

One killed at senior living community in Kansas

One person was killed outside a senior living community in Kansas yesterday, the media are reporting. If you're concerned that a similar event could happen at your community, you may find these Long-Term Living resources helpful.  Read More »

‘Active shooter’ events: Balancing resident, staff safety

The mission statement and core values of your facility probably contain wording and ideology related to compassionate resident care. The active shooter policy for your facility also should consider that care, and it must consider the safety of employees, too. Part 2 in our series. Read More »

Preparing for ‘active shooter’ events: Lockdowns

Does your facility have policies and procedures to handle the potential presence of armed intruders? Unfortunately, the scenario is not as unlikely as you might suspect. Lockdowns are one part of any good response. Part 1 in our series. Read More »

‘Silver Alert’ would notify police, public of missing seniors

A proposed national alert system would notify law enforcement and the public when a senior or other adult is missing. Read More »

Fire and ice

A tragedy in Canada holds lessons in fire safety for us all—when was the last time you asked your employees to practice their fire emergency protocols? Updated: Jan. 30, 2014 Read More »

Death toll continues to climb in Canadian nursing home fire

A nursing home blaze leaves five people dead and more than 30 others missing. A search for the missing continues. Read More »

CMS proposes emergency preparedness procedures

Four components should be part of every senior care provider's emergency preparedness plan, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Found out what the agency is proposing and how you can comment. Read More »

Infection prevention resource available

A new guide with a CD-ROM is designed to help long-term care facilities create and implement comprehensive infection prevention programs. Read More »

Fire safety compliance still troubles SNFs, deficiencies loom

The recent CMS deadline for fire sprinkler compliance finds more than 1,000 long-term care facilities lacking sprinkler coverage in at least some areas—and risking exclusion from Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement. Read More »

Medical record access focus of 10-state HIE effort

Ensuring the availability of medical records after a disaster is the goal of a new collaboration involving 10 states. Read More »

Heat wave poses a serious threat to frail elderly

To paraphrase a Sonny and Cher hit…”The heat goes on and on and on” west of the Mississippi. Beating the heat isn’t easy and for seniors it’s a challenge to keep them comfortable—and safe. Read More »

2013 fire sprinkler bill may inspire retrofits and renovations

Currently, only licensed SNFs are required to have sprinklers installed by August 2013. But the new proposed Fire Sprinkler Incentive of 2013 could involve assisted living sites, care homes and more. Read More »

Texas fertilizer plant blast takes its toll on SNF residents

The Texas nursing home’s evacuation plan was executed, residents were removed from harm’s way, but the facility experienced a spike in resident deaths. Why? Read More »

New York State institutes emergency electronic tracking system for LTC residents

As 2013’s hurricane season begins, the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy have helped New York State prepare to quickly locate evacuated patients and residents. Read More »

Disaster primer: When Mother Nature strikes

How "ready" are you for whatever Mother Nature can dish out? This disaster primer can help your organization prepare for—and live through—the financial impacts of a disaster. Read More »

Protecting your digital assets

If you've got data, you've got risks. A former White House CIO shares insights and advice on safeguarding LTC’s valuable data in an increasingly mobile and cloud-based world. Read More »

Evacuation costs may be levied on ill-prepared La. SNFs

Ignoring evacuation plans may become costly for Louisiana facilities that do not have adequate systems in place to move their residents out of harm's way. Read More »

Storms and flooding prompt LTC evacuations in Midwest

Rain, rain, go away—Several nursing homes in the storm-drenched Midwest are forced to evacute this week. Read More »

Breaking news: Texas factory explosion damages nursing home

Updated: April 22, 2013, 10:00 a.m.  A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, seriously damages a local nursing home, trapping residents Wednesday night. All 133 residents had to be evacuated and/or transported to the hospital. Read More »

Shooting at Pennsylvania hospice

A Pennsylvania hospice patient was shot by her husband, who then turned the gun on himself. Read More »

In times of emergency—respond!

Those given the privilege and responsibility of providing care as well as other services to the frail and elderly are placed in a position where their actions must be clear and decisive in times of emergency. Read More »

Public outrage over CPR incident raises questions for LTC providers

The report of a retirement community’s nurse who refused a 911 dispatcher's pleas to perform CPR on a woman who had fallen unconscious and later died has sparked public and media outrage. LTC providers have some critical issues to consider when it comes to emergency care procedures. Read More »