SNF residents evacuated in Buffalo blizzard

No one will be singing “Let It Snow” for a long time in Buffalo, N.Y., and its environs for a very long time. The Nov. 19 blizzard left streets impassable and people trapped in their homes. In Cheektowaga, the weight of the snow threatened to collapse the roof of the Garden Gate Health Care Facility.

The McGuire Group, owners of Garden Gate, decided to move the residents when the roof of a nearby business came crashing down. Staff, assisted by the town’s volunteer fire department and police, transferred the facility’s 184 residents to a more secure location in a business park a short distance away. One resident passed away during the transfer to another facility, according to a recent news report.

Residents traveled with their medical charts and meds. Before relocating to other hospitals and other facilities with which McGuire Group has a mutual aid plan, the residents had dinner and families were notified of their location. “This is an event that all our staff is trained to handle,” the McGuire Group communications director told The Buffalo News.

Since the evacuation, facilities crews have been removing snow from the roof to assess for any weakness. A determination will be made soon as to when residents will return home.

Check out photos of the New York blizzard.

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