Sandra Hoban

Sandra Hoban was on I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living’s editorial staff for 17 years. She is one of the country’s longest-serving senior care journalists. Before joining Long-Term Living, she was a member of the promotions department at Advanstar Communications. In addition to her editorial experience, Sandi has served past roles in print and broadcast advertising as a traffic and talent coordinator.

LTL’s Pamela Tabar takes the ice bucket challenge!

Long-Term Living's Editor-in Chief Pamela Tabar takes the ALS ice-bucket challenge and chooses to donate to the first residence designed specifically for those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other motor neuron diseases. Read More »

Joint Commission issues an alert on tubing misconnection risks

In hospitals and long-term care settings, caregivers often have to change tubing on medical equipment. A high risk of misconnection exists because of various compatible delivery systems, so the Joint Commission has issued a Sentinel Event Alert. Read More »

Meeting the new dining standards

What’s for dinner? Are you planning and serving residents meals that are in line with the new dining standards? A new toolkit helps to implement these requirements. Read More »

ACIP offers recommendation on pneumonia vaccine

It’s nearing that time of the year again when it's important to review your residents’ history of vaccinations and to schedule the various inoculations, including pneumonia, that will protect them from infections in the coming months. Read More »

Licensure for some Texas nursing homes under the microscope

In Texas, some nursing homes with serious violations have avoided penalties without correcting violations, according to a recent report by the Texas Sunset Commision. Read More »

Excess weight a plus in surviving sepsis infection

Maintaining a healthy weight might not be helpful for a senior with a sepsis infection, according to a new study. Excess weight can help the body fight infection. Read More »

PBA is nothing to laugh about

It is estimated that one in 10 nursing home residents is affected by a neurologic condition known as pseudobulbar affect. Read More »

Practice to protect

Staff readiness to react to a natural disaster or dangerous situations is imperative in long-term care environments. Read More »

Decision aids can encourage advanced planning

In long-term care, advance directives, medical power of attorney, living will and so on are acquired during the admissions process. Their importance becomes more relevant as resident experiences changes in health status. Read More »

Joint Commission offers free infection educational module

Bring staff on board to apply reliability principles in their efforts to prevent and control the incidents of infection in the congregate setting of long-term care. Read More »

Senior volunteers wanted for Alzheimer prevention trial

A soon-to-launch five-year study to prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for high-risk individuals will seek volunteers to join the trial in early 2015. Read More »

Study finds seniors experiencing fewer strokes

Better vascular control, healthy habits and access to improvements in stoke treatment have contributed to a decline in the incidence of stroke and a greater chance of survival. Read More »

Exercise: An important 25 minutes in a senior’s day

Engaging in a daily fitness regimen of moderate to vigorous exercise can help seniors maintain a better standard of health, according to a UK study. Read More »

ICA focuses on changing dementia care delivery

The new International Caregivers Association (ICA) offers techniques, support and training to all caregivers and providers involved with the care of people suffering from dementia care. Read More »

New venture fund targets ‘Longevity Economy’

It’s not news that America is aging—and rapidly. The aging marketplace will present itself with a growing number of opportunities in providing supports, services and care campuses. Read More »

Routine screenings for carotid artery stenosis nixed for healthy adults

Normal, healthy adults can forego screening for carotid artery stenosis, a risk factor for stroke. The procedure may cause more harm than good, according to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Read More »

Study: Benefits of type 2 diabetes treatments decline with age

While younger people benefit by improving glycemic control, some older individuals may experience negative side effects, according to new research. Read More »

OSHA resource looks to reduce, prevent LTC workplace injuries

Muscle strains, sprains, low back injuries and tendinitis are some of the workplace hazards LTC workers face each day. A new resource offers recommendations to prevent these painful and costly incidents. Read More »

5 tips to keep seniors safe this summer

The official start of summer is just about a week away. Make sure you’re ready to assist and advise your residents on simple solutions to “beat the heat.” Read More »

One-on-one with… Mary Ellen Bloodgood

In our latest executive profile, Long-Term Living spoke with Mary Ellen Bloodgood, CEO of Menorah Park in Syracuse, NY, to learn how she was instrumental in turning around a stand-alone nursing home into a campus that serves not only seniors, but others in the greater community. Read More »

Remembering D-Day

Today is the day to remember—and honor—those brave men and women of the armed forces who landed on the shores of Normandy, signaling the beginning of the end of World War II. Read More »

Cleveland Clinic’s Cosgrove on short list to lead VA

With the resignation of Eric Shinseki last week, the job as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had an immediate opening. Read More »

Let them eat print!

The space program introduced a nation to Tang beverage crystals and the microwave. A new technology may change the way that long-term care residents dine. Read More »

Study: 1 in 5 Medicare beneficiaries affected by medical injury

Older adults in poor health or with disability are more at risk to suffer from long-term effects of medical injury (adverse medical events), a study finds. Read More »

An extra cup of coffee may ward off diabetes

Adding just one more cup of coffee to your diet each day may help to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study. Read More »

Adult portable bed handles recalled

A potential for injury and/or death from bed handles that can cause entrapment without safety straps triggers a voluntary recall. Read More »

Adaptive spoon cancels hand tremors

People with Parkinson’s disease or essential tremors have difficulty getting food from the plate to their mouth. New technology helps to restore dignity in dining. Read More »

Three Tenn. nursing homes have admissions suspensions lifted

The ban on new admissions has been lifted and three Tennessee nursing facilities can begin admitting new residents. Read More »

Senior housing development: Boom or bust for investors?

The senior demographic keeps growing, but is the senior housing market overbuilding and exceeding the demand? Read More »

Leaders of Tomorrow: Bernadette Ledesma, MPH, LNHA

Congratulations to Long-Term Living 2014 Leaders of Tomorrow honoree Bernadette Ledesma, MPH, LNHA. Administrator, advocate and educator she is instrumental in ensuring top-down quality care for Hawaii’s seniors. Read More »