Top 10 Kathleen Mears blogs of 2014

Blogs written by Kathleen Mears in 2014 about staffing, surveys and safety issues were among the hot topics for the brand’s readers, website visitors and social media friends and followers this year, revealed an examination of analytics by Megan Combs, associate editor for reader engagement. The list includes content written before Dec. 9.

Mears has been a nursing home resident in Ohio for more than 18 years. She is an incomplete quadriplegic and uses a power wheelchair to get around. Her computer is her “window on the world.” Her blog shares her thoughts and view of life as a nursing home resident as well as ideas of how it might be improved in the future. Here’s another chance to revisit her columns or read them for the first time.

  1. Is this help or harassment?
  2. Unanswered call lights
  3. Night shift frolics
  4. "State's here!"
  5. Disappearing washcloths
  6. Wi-Fi woes
  7. Weighing in on 'granny cams'
  8. I need to go to the bathroom!
  9. Residents, nurses and too little time
  10. I like it here. Why am I moving?

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