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Survey: Caregivers attribute Alzheimer’s symptoms to normal aging behaviors, delaying diagnosis

A new survey reveals that many caregivers mistakenly interpret various behaviors as a normal part of aging, rather than as symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. As a result, they believe those false impressions delayed their loved one’s diagnosis of the incurable brain disorder. Read More »

Incident reports, surveys and privilege: Protecting QA material from enforcement action

Skilled nursing facilities should carefully consider what constitutes legitimate quality assurance or otherwise privileged documents and how best to protect those documents. Read More »

Survey reports boomers are upbeat about aging

As boomers reminisce about their skateboards while shopping for bed boards, the nation’s communities, healthcare systems, and long-term care are preparing to meet their expectations. A recent survey discovered how this generation views aging—their concerns and their outlook. Read More »

Surveyed residents in AL/IL housing report higher income, self-reliance and overall satisfaction

The study addressed the costs and satisfaction with the communities, methods of paying for the community, evidence of spending down or giving away assets, financial concerns and the geographic mobility among the residents. Read More »

Cost of care survey shows nursing home costs up 4%

The annual cost for a private nursing home room rose 4.2 percent in 2012 to $81,030, according to the 2012 Cost of Care Survey by Genworth Financial. Read More »

Report argues CMS must monitor progress of Quality Indicator Survey

The Government Accountability Office report says the QIS was intended to improve the nursing home survey process, but CMS is not routinely monitoring the extent to which objectives are being met. Read More »

Did federal surveyors influence medication changes?

When I did not get all of my regular meds in the hospital, I thought the doctors had something to do with it, and I was given no explanation why. Only then was I told upon my return to the nursing home that my physician would have to reorder the missing meds. Read More »

The turnaround to survey excellence

Survey excellence should be a professional goal of all healthcare workers. I suggest a three-step approach to encouraging complete staff involvement: the Focus Review, the Fast Track and the Survey Prime. Read More »

Salary survey: LTC directors of information technology

In healthcare, there’s an exceedingly large amount of sensitive information to manage, and not everyone has the aptitude to succeed. So it should then come as no surprise that in long-term and post-acute care, providers just can’t afford to pay top IT talent. Read More »

Annual surveys from the resident’s perspective

In 15 years spent between two nursing homes, I have come to see many annual surveys. At my first facility, the aides were very nervous at survey Read More »

How the dining experience affects your Quality Indicator Survey

I had the opportunity at the end of September to speak at the American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in San Diego. The Read More »

America’s LTC costs continue rising trend, MetLife survey finds

Costs continue to rise for those requiring long-term care in the U.S., according to the newly released 2011 MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home, Read More »

Overwhelmed in the aftermath of a federal survey

I searched on Google for images of the word “overwhelmed” and you can only imagine what I saw. In truth, I thought I would see a picture of a Read More »

Report shows SNF care has improved, with declines in survey citations

Skilled nursing care has improved and health survey citations are declining, according to a new quality of care report. America’s skilled nursing Read More »

‘Best U.S. Cities for Seniors’ survey yields unexpected results

Minneapolis is the best city in the United States for senior living, with Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Denver rounding out the top five, Read More »

In light of survey, another DON bites the dust—or not!

The cars pull into our parking lot. The alert siren sounds throughout the building. Survey is here. I dread these few days out of each year, but Read More »

Survey: Majority of SNF professionals skeptical of ACOs, haven’t prepared strategies

Corporate executives, administrators and other SNF professionals are doubtful that proposed Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) will benefit Read More »

Survey: Physician Alignment Primary Obstacle to ACO Formation

Healthcare facility administrators and physicians report that the most serious obstacle they face in forming Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) is Read More »

Stakeholders surveyed on culture change

ATLANTA--A  national online survey of practitioners and stakeholders was conducted to compile a multidisciplinary perspective of culture change. Read More »

Nurse Survey Reveals Those in Skilled Nursing Most Dissatisfied with Jobs, Benefits

In a satisfaction survey that polled more than 95,000 nurses in more than 600 healthcare settings, those in nursing homes turned out to be most Read More »

Decrease survey deficiencies: An educational intervention

Failure to maintain compliance with applicable rules and regulations can be costly to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The Office of Inspector Read More »

Survey Shows 51% Increase in Wellness Programs for Older Adults

The economic news this year has generally focused on the standstill in production and consumer spending. Despite this environment, the active-aging Read More »

NIC panelist shreds providers on satisfaction surveys

Margaret Wylde, president and CEO of market researcher ProMatura Group, LLC, was pretty blunt this afternoon in an NIC Regional Symposium breakout Read More »

Inside, During a Survey

The facility’s anticipated annual survey began late Monday afternoon when an Ohio Department of Health nurse knocked and asked to check my water Read More »

New “Quality of Life” survey regs

Baltimore, Md.-Federal survey and certification regulations going into unprecedented detail and depth on resident quality of life will go into Read More »

Survey says: Grim outlook exists for CNAs

There is a general assumption that the more work you put into your career, the more opportunities you will have for advancement.  That is unless you Read More »

Quality indicator meetings ‘de-stress’surveys

State surveys bring butterflies and stress to long term-care staff and administration. In order to survive these events, facilities must design Read More »

No Sunshine on Surveys

I read that nursing home survey results will no longer be available for the general public to examine. Here, surveys used to be in a large notebook Read More »

Are You Ready for the New Survey

There is a transformation under way of the long-term care (LTC) survey process, and it has significant implications for every LTC facility in the Read More »

Getting ready for survey the fun way

A new and fun way to prepare your associates for the annual state survey is to hold a “skills fair” in your facility. The fair can be for one or two Read More »