Inside, During a Survey

The facility’s anticipated annual survey began late Monday afternoon when an Ohio Department of Health nurse knocked and asked to check my water temperature. That surprised me because I cannot remember a surveyor ever doing that. After she asked a few questions, she said she would return Tuesday morning.

The air was electric Tuesday as department heads assisted residents to and from breakfast. Since I am president of Resident Council, a surveyor asked to interview me at midmorning. She used a touch screen laptop with a stylus to fill in my answers. I was pleased to see up-to-date equipment, but I wondered how my answers would be interpreted.

Later Tuesday morning the administrator asked if I was being asked weird questions. I told her they were different. The questions were specific but it was difficult to answer some with a yes or no. I was questioned by two surveyors about different topics.

I was pleased we were not required to have a Resident Council meeting with surveyors asking questions. That always made me uncomfortable since I was eager to speak while some residents were incapable and others were reluctant.

The surveyors interviewed 40 residents and felt it was better talking privately with a resident or their family member.

One surveyor experienced a first. When she approached a male resident beginning a nap following an activities lunch outing, he said, “No thanks. Good night.”

The surveyors were more visible than in past years. One surveyor said that even though her job is more difficult, she is getting more accomplished.

After four tense and busy days last week and part of today, I am sure the staff is glad the survey is over, and so are the residents.

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