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Update on the Quality Indicator Survey

For a long-term care industry yearning for an alternative—any alternative—to the OBRA state survey system that gives facilities such trouble in terms Read More »

Is your activity program ready for survey?

Surveyors are looking more closely at activity programs to ensure that they are adequately serving the needs of the nursing facility residents. Read More »

Watch for a Quality Indicator Survey coming near you

This year will see the expansion of a federal demonstration program that could lead to greater consistency and, hopefully, improvement in the state Read More »

Survey Survival

Long-term care facilities are not strangers to regulation 483.25(h) Accidents as it historically represents and continues to make the Centers for Read More »

Survey success depends on knowing recent SOM revisions

Survey survival” within the January 2007 revisions of the State Operations Manual (SOM) will most often require substantial policy, procedural, and Read More »

What do CNAs want? A survey

Many healthcare facilities throughout the country are experiencing a certified nursing assistant (CNA) shortage, conservatively estimated at 200,000 Read More »

Survey Survival

SURVEY survivalBY RETA A. UNDERWOOD, ADCBeyond the survey checklist  Findings from yet another report should continue to diminish our dependence on Read More »

Survey Survival

SURVEY survivalBY RETA A. UNDERWOOD, ADCDon't fool with Mother Nature  The record hurricane season of 2004 might have been just the beginning. Read More »

Survey Survival

SURVEY survivalBY RETA A. UNDERWOOD, ADCGood reasons to take elder abuse seriously As an industry that will forever experience the fallout from abuse Read More »

Survey Survival

SURVEY survivalBY RETA A. UNDERWOOD, ADCAre you aware of these new survey requirements?  In the past few months we have encountered much "to do" Read More »

Success With a Mock Survey Team

BY RONDA CHRISTOPHER  The Long Term Care division of Mercy Health Partners designed a collaborative oversight team, called the Mock Survey Team Read More »

In PerspectiveSurvey Survival

inperspectiveSURVEY survivalBY RETA A. UNDERWOOD, ADCDemystifying documentation  Why does our industry remain so mystified, if not completely psyched Read More »

The Disappearing Administrator:Results of a National Survey

The Disappearing Administrator: Results of a National SurveyWhat are the state licensing boards seeing? And what are they doing about it? By John R. Read More »

Strategies to Combat Ageism in Senior Care Settings

Ageism encompasses stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination toward others and ourselves that is based on age. Read More »

Actionable Steps to Improve Nursing Home Operations and Patient Outcomes

A new report on the quality of care in nursing homes details seven overarching conclusions. Read More »

What New Findings About Senior Mental Health Choices Mean for the Senior Care Industry

A new report reveals intriguing findings that the senior care industry can learn from and use to improve senior care. Read More »

The Changing Demands of the Gen Z Workforce

Many Gen Z workers are graduating from nursing school. Learn how to attract these candidates. Read More »

Improving Your Staff Onboarding Process

Learn why it’s well worth investing time in improving your staff onboarding. Read More »

How Your Facility Can Best Cope With Fluctuating Staff Needs

Navigating changing staff needs is challenging, but there are many helpful tools available to senior care facilities. Read More »

Ways to Use Music to Benefit Senior Care Residents: Part I

Humans have enjoyed music for thousands of years, but music offers more benefits than just enjoyment. Read More »

Make Your Newsletter Work for You in 2022

Your senior care community’s newsletter is a highly valuable marketing tool, and an important line of communication with residents, their families, staff, and more. Read More »

How to Maximize Care Outcomes When Your Facility Is Short-Staffed

In addition to the challenges of the pandemic, the senior care industry continues to face a workforce crisis that’s altering the care communities are able to provide. Read More »

How Senior Care Community Design is Changing to Become More Pet-Friendly

As more studies reveal the benefits of pets, senior care communities are increasingly adopting pet-friendly approaches. Read More »

How to Use Goals to Improve Resident Health and Happiness

Goals are an essential and daily part of running a senior care facility, and they can be powerful change motivators. Read More »