Surveys show AL providers dedicated to providing high-quality care

Assisted living (AL) providers are aggressively tackling resident and staff satisfaction issues through ongoing employee training, recognition programs and employee assistance programs, say two survey results released at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) convention in Tampa, Florida.

Focusing on the roles that dedicated, trained staff play in resident satisfaction and the provision of quality care, the “NCAL 2012 Performance Measures Survey” findings show that nearly all had reviewed resident incident reports (98 percent) and incident reports (97 percent) from staff.

NCAL Executive Director David Kyllo commented that the surveys “…show providers remain dedicated to delivering high-quality services and person-centered care.”

The second survey, “The NCAL 2011 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention and Turnover Survey (VRT),” measured staff stability in five job categories and 16 job descriptions. Results show that for all assisted living employees, the overall vacancy rate is 2 percent, the overall retention (75 percent) and overall turnover (25 percent).

Kyllo sums it up when he said: “Staff that is happy in their work environments, usually results in residents who are satisfied with the provider.”

Topics: Leadership , Staffing