ICA focuses on changing dementia care delivery

Dealing with a patient, friend or loved one with dementia can be tedious and challenging. Because of her inexperience caring for her husband who had Alzheimer’s disease, Ethelle Lord had to learn how to provide quality care and comfort to her husband. Her on-the-job experiences inspired her to create the International Caregivers Association (ICA) as a forum to share proven techniques, practices and training for all caregivers—from family members to medical personnel to facility caregivers.

The ICA website offers videos, webinars and training sessions that provide time- and cost-effective techniques in all care settings. Using effective techniques in long-term care (LTC) facilities helps reduce costs by reducing staff turnover and improving the quality of a facility’s caregivers.

The ICA’s mission is to change dementia care by encouraging compassion, education and advocacy; empowering all stakeholders—caregivers and those they care for—and improving dementia care in all settings whether at home or in LTC facility.

Topics: Advocacy , Alzheimer's/Dementia , Executive Leadership , Staffing