Sandra Hoban

Sandra Hoban was on I Advance Senior Care / Long-Term Living’s editorial staff for 17 years. She is one of the country’s longest-serving senior care journalists. Before joining Long-Term Living, she was a member of the promotions department at Advanstar Communications. In addition to her editorial experience, Sandi has served past roles in print and broadcast advertising as a traffic and talent coordinator.

Glaucoma Awareness Month

One set of eyes has to last a lifetime. Make sure you are taking care of yours. Read More »

Brushing up on oral care in PA/LTC communities

Studies show that post-acute and long-term care residents receive less-than-ideal oral care. Facilities need to focus on oral healthcare programs. Read More »

In-home care becoming a national trend

District of Columbia program enables seniors to receive in-home services to meet their care needs. Read More »

Foreign markets attract U.S. investments

Diversity, high-quality assets and an international profile spur the presence and growth of U.S. REITs abroad. Read More »

PACE expands services in California

A growing senior population will require a variety of senior care sites and services. CalPACE hopes to meet the need. Read More »

Target blood pressure level adjustment

The Eight Joint National Committee (JNC 8) recently updated its guidelines and raised the blood pressure threshold for seniors. Read More »

American seniors may be less tired, more alert

Do seniors have more energy than younger Americans? A new study looks at the concept of tiredness in the U.S. population. Read More »

Type 2 diabetes: Its effect on dementia risk for older adults in ethnic minorities

Researchers explore Type 2 diabetes as it relates to high risk of dementia for certain ethnic groups, including Native Americans and African-Americans. Read More »

Federal grants to shore up healthcare workforce

New funding has been earmarked to develop, educate and grow a diversified healthcare workforce across the United States. Read More »

Healthcare: The personality factor

Does an individual's personality influence his or her healthcare choices and regimen? A new study looks at the psychological factors in healthcare utilization. Read More »

Patient safety remains a priority in 2014

Fall prevention, HAIs and pressure ulcers remain a focus for the Joint Commission's 2014 National Patient Safety Goals. Read More »

Better bathing for larger residents

Regardless of personal preferences, technology has made bathing a more pleasurable and thorough experience, especially for residents with bariatric issues. Read More »

Bill introduced to protect seniors from healthcare scams

Healthcare scams have sprung up since the October rollout of the Affordable Care Act. A California congressman's response to healthcare scams victimizing seniors in his jurisdiction is introduced as a bill in Congress. Read More »

It’s never too late to quit

A new study offers updated evidence on reducing the recovery time for seniors from the effects of smoking. Read More »

Have the conversation everyone avoids

Holidays are times of reunion, love, togetherness and present the perfect opportunities to plan for the future. Read More »

Statewide patient evacuation system debuts in New York

Last year’s Superstorm Sandy magnified the need for not only solid evacuation plans, but for keeping track of the evacuees. Read More »

Misuse of pesticides in several states puts residents at risk

As many as 100+ nursing homes were treated with a pesticide contrary to manufacturer’s instructions. Read More »

Two-hour turns may no longer be the standard, study finds

For more than 50 years, caregivers turned nursing home residents every two hours to prevent pressure ulcers. Do improved mattress manufacturing methods extend the time between turns? Read More »

Nine nursing home employees die at work in 2012, data show

The injuries and illnesses might not be dramatic, but government data show that nursing homes are dangerous places to work. Read More »

New alliance dedicated to person-centered dementia care

As seniors become the dominant population in the American landscape, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are predicted to increase at an alarming rate. Read More »

Celebrating the angels of end-of-life care

Hospice takes the stage in November to educate the public on the services and supports available to help a loved one and family members make the transition together. Read More »

Medication prescribing reflects regional variations, study finds

Study investigates the geographical differences and patterns in drug prescribing and drug therapies for Medicare patients and the potential risks involved. Read More »

CMS memo addresses ‘no CPR’ policies in nursing homes

In March 2013, an elderly woman who died after not receiving CPR in her retirement community became national news and a focus of public outrage. CMS memo updates state surveyors on CPR policy in nursing homes. Read More »

Study of America’s ‘oldest old’ will continue data-gathering

An ongoing study focusing exclusively on the lifestyles and health issues of people in their ninth decade assembles data and information to accommodate this growing demographic. Read More »

APIC kicks off ‘Infection Prevention and You’ campaign

Infection prevention is everyone’s job—residents, families, healthcare professionals. A new campaign offers important information on patient safety and infection prevention. Read More »

SNF docs may prevent adverse drug events with mobile devices

Adverse drug events are linked to nearly 93,000 deaths in nursing homes, according to a new study. Read More »

Intelligent eyeglasses may improve gait for people with Parkinson’s

As intelligent eyeglasses become available to consumers, researchers at the University of Twente in Amsterdam, Netherlands, are exploring the potential for their use in reducing the incidents of falls related to Parkinson’s disease. Read More »

Don’t sweep summer under the rug

Summer’s gone. But it left your community—from resident rooms to kitchen—full of dust, pollen and other contaminants that can be hard on the health of frail or medically compromised residents, not to mention staff. Read More »

Government shutdown halts nursing home inspections

Federal safety inspections are on hold in long-term care and other vital industries due to the government shutdown. Read More »

New study finds head injuries from falls increasing for LTC residents

It might be caused by a slippery floor or the effects of medication, but when a senior falls, consequences can be serious. A new study looks at head injuries sustained during falls by senior residents in two Canadian long-term care facilities. Read More »