New venture fund targets ‘Longevity Economy’

Investment bank Ziegler and Link●Age Ventures, a venture capital, firm have joined together to create the Ziegler Link●Age Longevity Fund, L.P., to invest in companies that provide products, services and technology to aging population marketplace, or what the fund has termed the "Longevity Economy."

The Longevity Fund will provide a platform for collaboration among its limited partner (LP) investors, which include nearly 70 not-for-profit senior living providers and other healthcare organizations.

Key investment themes will include aging in place, chronic disease management, coordination of care, reduction of hospitalizations and readmissions, disease prevention and wellness strategies and government-funded programs/public health-related matters, according to a release.

“Providing our not-for-profit senior living and healthcare services clients with unique access to high-profile, innovative companies, along with the collaborative ideas sharing between the LPs…will benefit the entire community,” said Dan Hermann, head of investment banking at Ziegler.

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