Joint Commission offers free infection educational module

Infections can be painful—even deadly—if contracted by a resident in a long-term care (LTC) facility. Not only do infections take their toll on the residents’ quality of life, there is also a financial toll for them and the facility. To help prevent and fight infections in senior living settings, the Joint Commission has released an e-learning tool, partially funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: “Applying High Reliability Principles to the Prevention and Control of Infections in Long Term Care.”

The module introduces healthcare staff to the principles of high-reliability solutions learned from other industries, such as commercial aviation, that operate under hazardous conditions. Adapted and applied to LTC environments, these principles can help to improve safety and quality care.

The 50-minute learning module is available in online and CD formats. It is offered at no charge to anyone, not just Joint Commission customers. All facility staff—from environmental services to administration—can put the principles in place throughout the organization.

“The bottom line is that residents, their families and staff expect care to be safe,” said the Joint Commission Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Ana Pujols McKee, MD, in a release.

Topics: Clinical , Executive Leadership , Risk Management , Staffing