Remembering D-Day

On June 4, 1944, Allied Forces stormed the beaches at Normandy by land, sea and air to begin the march to end World War II. Today marks the 70th anniversary of that historic day. It should be noted that while the Allies were fighting the war in Europe, our armed forces were battling the Japanese in the Pacific.

These brave men and women came from farms, factories, cities and hamlets to join together to preserve freedom. They were joined by others who believed that the fight trumped athletic careers, such as Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and  Bob Feller; and people from the entertainment world, including Audie Murphy, James Arness, Mel Brooks, Art Carney and Clark Gable. Everyone came together for one cause.

A nursing home in England plans to commemorate the anniversary by singing songs, serving meals and dressing in the spirit of the era.

In America, many long-term care facilities will be presenting similar events. If not, take some time to talk someone who lived through those turbulent times. It might help you understand the freedoms you enjoy today because of them.

Today, there is finally a monument dedicated to World War II, the defining event of the 20th century. If you know someone who served, check the listing on the website’s registry.

What Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation” is continuing to fade away. Let’s hope that their sacrifices on the field or at home are remembered by future generations.


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