The Growing Role of AI in the Senior Care Industry

What options are best for your facility, and how can you best get started using AI? Read More »

How Senior Care Facilities Can Best Implement and Use Resident Security Technology

Thanks to advancements in resident security technology, facilities have access to more tools than ever before. Read More »

Technology with the Human Touch

The rapid proliferation of voice-activated devices and other tools is changing the landscape for many senior living facilities and their residents. Read More »

AI and EHR: Perfect Together?

Big data and electronic health records — along with other technologies — could change the way long-term care is delivered. Read More »

New predictive tool may identify the risk of dementia within Parkinson’s

The Montreal Parkinson Risk of Dementia Scale (MoPaRDS), which comprises 8 simple clinical variables, is effective for predicting the risk for dementia in patients with Parkinson disease(PD), according to findings from a multicenter study published in JAMA Neurology. Read More »

An integrated approach to memory care

Heritage Senior Living has developed a person-centered approach for memory care that is supported by physical surroundings. Read More »

Genesis Rehab, Sensoria partner on smart wearables for seniors

The technology developer is bringing its smart socks and other safety technology to Genesis's rehabilitation setting for fall detection and therapy. Read More »

UC San Diego, IBM Watson team up to study mild cognitive impairment

The study will use sensors, wearables and even gut bacteria to study how seniors with mild cognitive impairment think and remember. Read More »

Why clinical sensors make sense

Smart sensors can detect early illness and keep seniors safely independent for longer, according to new research in JAMDA. Read More »

Wherefore, wearables?

Wearable technology developers have been trying to figure out the senior market for years. Are they finally beginning to crack the clinical potential?  Read More »

Pixie Scientific launches UTI sensor pads

The infection-detecting pads monitor for urinary tract infections and send an alert to care teams. Read More »

Clinical app for diabetes goes commercial

Digital health company WellDoc has launched a consumer version of its diabetes management platform and has partnered with Samsung to help more people with the chronic condition. Read More »

Tech industry creates a new healthcare reality

A new startup is trying to move the healthcare experience forward beginning by re-examining primary care.  Read More »

Elder falls prevention

While there's no silver bullet to prevent falls, several strategies can reduce the risks, says a rehabilitation services provider. Read More »

AMA releases guidelines for health apps adoption

Health apps like fitness trackers and vitals testers can be a fun way to engage people in their own wellness, but finding apps that have value for the whole clinician-patient relationship hasn’t been easy. Read More »

AMA releases guidelines for health apps adoption

Health apps like fitness trackers and vitals testers can be a fun way to engage people in their own wellness, but finding apps that have value for the whole clinician-patient relationship hasn’t been easy. Read More »

Apple to monitor Parkinson’s disease

Apple is internally researching whether the iPhone and Apple Watch can be used for people with Parkinson's disease through passive monitoring to help doctors track symptoms and manage medication.  Read More »

A new generation of gamers

The classic arcade game Pac-Man can now be played on the Moff Band bracelet. The Internet of Things startup is targeting seniors who want to improve their health as a key market for its wearable device designed to gamify fitness.  Read More »

How does your memory care facility rank?

Memory care thought leaders gathered in at the Memory Care Forum to discuss the state of the industry and look ahead at what’s to come.  Read More »

Lamenting a new cell phone

When older technology gives up the ghost or is no longer supported, cell phone companies aren't always helpful when it comes to setting up a new cell phone. Read More »

Collision in my new power chair

Getting used to piloting a new power chair was part of SNF resident blogger Kathleen Mears' planned day out, but not the crash inside the salon. Read More »

Getting stiff

Getting that handy touchpad laptop made life seem easier, but it wasn't so great for her hand's range of motion, says SNF resident blogger Kathleen Mears. Read More »

Report: Patient engagement has a long way to go

A startling number of people across adult age groups are nonchalant about engaging in their own health and wellness, according to new survey data from Frost & Sullivan. Read More »

Wanted: Senior-savvy tech

2015 may have been the buzz year for "The Internet of Things," but 2016 could be about the "Internet of Meaningful Senior Tech Things." Read More »

GreatCall acquires Lively Inc.

Two California active aging technology companies join forces to provide better remote monitoring and sensor-based home healthcare. Read More »

Portable ventilator technology: Relief for COPD?

Portable ventilators can improve respiratory health for those with chronic COPD and reduce their need for acute healthcare services, one study notes. Read More »

2015 LeadingAge Hackfest ready to “engage with age”

What’s the coolest way to spend Halloween night? LeadingAge HackFest! With $10,000 in treats on the line, innovative aging technology developers and designers are sure to have some clever tricks up their sleeves. Read More »

LeadingAge CAST launches selection tools for functional assessment systems

Being able to measure and document residents’ functional status and activity levels is key to resident health and provider reimbursement. CAST’s new selection tools help providers choose the assessment products that best serve their needs. Read More »

Tech-savvy seniors and longevity

In many cases, tech-savvy seniors are healthier, but why? An Austin, Texas initiative will study the impact of tech connectivity on senior health and longevity. Read More »

Wearables tracking more than heart rate

A CONVERGE panel discusses developments and drawbacks of wearable devices for healthcare. Read More »