A new generation of gamers

Get ready for some new, old-fashioned fun.

The beloved game Pac-Man is coming out of the arcade and onto your arm. Internet of Things startup Moff today released a gamified fitness experience, the Moff Pac-Man app.

The game begins when players slap on the Moff Band bracelet, a wearable device, that connects with their smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Players’ arm gestures replace the arcade joystick to guide Pac-Man up, down, left and right to gobble up pellets.

“One of the unique features of Moff Pac-Man is that we designed it not only for kids and adults, but also for seniors,” said Aki Takahagi, co-founder and CEO of Moff in a press release. “Moff Pac-Man stays true to Pac-Man’s classic design, and with Moff’s wearable technology, we have added movement and multi-tasking exercise by connecting the game play with physical movement. By sharing the Pac-Man experience with the senior generation who are interested in improving their health and preventing dementia, the entire family can be happy and healthy in body and mind.”

Moff Pac-Man is the first app in Moff’s collaboration and Bandai Namco Entertainment, which invested in the startup in 2015. The app also marks the launch of a licensing business for content owners and service providers interested in using the Moff wearable technology.


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