Healthcare reform

2015 Business Outlook: Payment

In the first installment of a multi-part series examining challenges in the new year, Long-Term Living explores why some government initiatives under testing or development give pause to many providers serving older adults. Read More »

Post-acute care improvement is goal of Golden Living, naviHealth partnership

Golden Living and naviHealth have partnered in an effort to enhance post-acute care service delivery for people admitted to Golden Living’s skilled nursing facilities around the country. Read More »

White House Conference on Aging agenda items recommended by associations

Leaders in organizations representing seniors housing and services providers share with Long-Term Living their wish lists for the upcoming White House Conference on Aging. Do you agree with their picks? Read More »

What the election results mean for you

What's in store for those who serve older Americans now that the political landscape will be changing? Several leaders of associations representing providers share their thoughts with Long-Term Living. Read More »

Solving the readmission rate puzzle

Long-term care organizations and hospitals are both trying to reduce readmission rates. But are we all on the same page? Read More »

A charm offensive?

The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living annual meeting got off to a great start thanks to the opening session keynote speaker, Gen. Colin Powell, whose talk seemed to appeal to attendees regardless of their political leanings. Read More »

Partnering for post-acute care

The second part of our two-part series on post-acute strategies and tactics examines how post-acute care providers can partner to succeed in an integrated network. Read More »

Atty Gen. Holder to resign from DOJ

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. has announced plans to resign from the Department of Justice later this year. Read More »

Congress: The ball is in your court

The building crisis in financing and providing effective long-term care services and supports is an ever-growing problem as discussed in a report by the Commission on Long-Term Care. Read More »

How to align resources for post-acute care

A post-acute care operator needs to take advantage of seismic changes in healthcare delivery and get in the game. Here's how. Read More »

Illinois task force to examine state’s LTC services

A new task force will examine the state of long-term care in the Prairie State, including ongoing social and medical services provided inside homes and at other locations. Read More »

Conference on Aging leader, website announced

A leader, website and potential topics for the 2015 White House Conference on Aging have been announced. Read More »

Dementia-related LTSS: Report offers policy blueprint

A new report offers suggestions for improving long-term supports and services for those with dementia, including changes for residential care and the direct-care workforce. Read More »

Long-term services and supports: Report ranks states

States that use nursing homes less and minimize transitions between care settings earn higher marks in a new report that ranks states in terms of their LTSS offerings. Read More »

Long-term care planning, funding examined in survey

As those working in long-term care and policymakers grapple with how such care should be planned for and financed in the United States, a new survey reveals the attitudes and expectations of residents of one large, diverse state. Read More »

Cleveland Clinic’s Cosgrove on short list to lead VA

With the resignation of Eric Shinseki last week, the job as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had an immediate opening. Read More »

12 steps to QAPI: Step 7: Collecting and using data

We’ve passed the midpoint of the continuing series on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI). Now it’s time to collect and analyze data to improve person-centered care. Read More »

Therapy cap insanity on Capitol Hill

Will Congress ever fix the therapy caps problem? Long-Term Living Washington writer Bob Gatty takes a fresh look at an ongoing problem. Read More »

New initiative looks for solutions to LTSS challenges

Several former government officials and policy experts are coming together in an effort to find a way to improve the financing and delivery of long-term services and supports for the country’s aging population and working-aged people with disabilities. Read More »

ACO model challenges Medicare: study

The accountable care organization model is presenting organizational accountability challenges to Medicare, according to a new study and related commentary, which suggest a solution, too. Read More »

Administrators not fans of P4P, study finds

Many nursing home administrators are not convinced that pay-for-performance initiatives will increase revenues or improve quality, according to a new study. Read More »

12 steps to QAPI: Step 5: Develop your QAPI plan

In Step 5 of the continuing series on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI), Nell Griffin, LPN, EdM, discusses the importance of establishing a plan to complete the prerequisites to ensure successful implementation. Read More »

NY nurse practitioner independence to increase

A controversial new law in New York will allow nurse practitioners to practice without a written practice agreement with a physician. Read More »

Senate passes HR 4302; what it means to SNFs

The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that delays enforcement of the “two midnight rule” for certain hospital stays as well as creates programs to establish readmission-related measures for skilled nursing facilities and rewards for those facilities that meet them. Read More »

Congress, LTC industry deliver bill to standardize post-acute care services

The draft legislation is here. But how much “IMPACT” would the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 have? Read More »

SGR ‘doc fix’ bill could delay ICD-10 by a year

A bill up for vote this week could extend the current "doc fix" and could delay the ICD-10 implementation deadlines for a year. Read More »

Acute and post-acute care unite

From courtship to a permanent union, hospitals and long-term care facilities have a lot to gain by working together. A look at the evolution of the AC/PAC relationship. Read More »

Improved care transitions will aid resident health: study

New research suggests how health policymakers and caregivers can better coordinate the transitions of care that find 22 percent of older adults moving from and among hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care communities and their homes. Read More »

Making direct care more appealing

Addressing reasons for staff turnover could help ensure quality and cost control in your facility while improving the lives of your employees. One initiative offers some solutions. What would you add? Read More »

Proposed budget cuts concern LTC groups

Long-term care provider associations express appreciation for the proposed 2015 budget’s support of some senior housing and services but disappointment in potential program cuts. Read More »