My most popular content on social media in 2014

For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a writer and editor is connecting with you and your colleagues to learn more about the issues you believe are most important and to try to help you be successful in your professional life. That's why I find it fascinating to take a look back at 2014 to see what articles, blogs and news items that I wrote over the course of the year held the most appeal to you. I hope you find this information interesting as well.

In general, my review of analytics finds that Long-Term Living’s and my friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn care very much about complying with governmental regulations and providing good care and quality of life to residents. The list below includes content written before Dec. 29. Click on the headlines to read the stories. 

1. CMS updates 'special focus facilities' list

Fifteen skilled nursing facilities or nursing facilities joined the latest Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services list of poor survey performers, this July news item conveyed. It was the most popular story I wrote all year.

2. Group releases nursing home report card

Where do nursing homes provide the most hours of care and the highest levels of staffing? This September news brief shared the latest rankings from Families for Better Care.

3. Robin Williams had Parkinson's, widow says

August brought news following the apparent suicide of actor Robin Williams that he had been dealing with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. This news item included statements from his widow and professional organizations serving those with the disease.

4. Helping residents get 'Happy' and healthy

An assisted living program director found a fun activity for residents that spread a positive message about seniors and the community, helped residents get a little exercise—and had another, unanticipated effect, I shared in this March blog. It was the most popular staff-written blog of the year for Long-Term Living and is thought to have generated thousands of additional hits on a YouTube video mentioned in the blog.

5. Senate passes HR 4302; what it means to SNFs

The U.S. Senate’s passage of a bill delaying enforcement of the “two midnight rule” for certain hospital stays was the subject of this March article. The bill also created programs to establish readmission-related measures for skilled nursing facilities and rewards for those facilities that meet them.

6. Stripper in nursing home prompts lawsuit

A nursing home approved its residents’ committee’s request for a male stripper visit, and the family of one resident subsequently sued, saying she was harmed by what she saw. This April news item drew many comments in our online forums.

7. The sweetest gift

My February blog about a Valentine’s Day project aiming to ease the effects of social isolation and depression in older adults made the number 7 spot on this list and was very popular on Twitter.

8. Effort seeks new name for CCRCs

Older adults’ perceptions of the services offered at continuing care retirement communities are fueling a high-profile effort to develop a new name for the entities. In this exclusive April article, one person predicted that the renaming process may force providers to think about the services they offer now and how they might want to change in the future.

9. 5 tests or treatments to consider carefully in seniors

Dementia, cancer, anorexia, cachexia, delirium and polypharmacy all figured into new recommendations from the American Geriatrics Society issued as part of the Choosing Wisely initiative and described in this February news item.

10. SNF adverse event reduction needed, OIG report says

Adverse events related to post-acute care are harming residents and costing the government money, according to a springtime report from the Office of Inspector General. Skilled nursing facilities must find a way to reduce their incidence, this news item relayed.

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