Illinois task force to examine state’s LTC services

A new task force will examine the state of long-term care in Illinois, including ongoing social and medical services provided inside homes and at other locations.

The Long Term Services and Supports Disparities Task Force was signed into existence earlier this month by Gov. Pat Quinn after Senate Bill 2773 had passed both chambers of the state's general assembly unanimously earlier this spring. Among other things, the task force will document the number and type of long-term care and service providers in the state as well as the number of clients served, comparing multi-year data to identify trends in delivery of care and services for various racial and ethnic groups. If any disparities in use or quality of care and services are found, the task force will recommend ways to address them.

"Taking the time to study the disparities issue is an important step toward ensuring higher-quality care and ensuring that people can live in their homes and communities for as long as possible," says Bob Gallo, state director of AARP Illinois, which supported the legislation.

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