Residents’ new wheels

Independence is a great feeling, especially for those whose mobility is compromised by physical impairments, age, frailty or other healthcare issues. What better gift can be given than that of hope? Read More »

Choosing Wisely releases physical therapy recommendations

The American Physical Therapy Association, as part of the Choosing Wisely campaign, has released a list of five practices it says are of questionable value to those undergoing physical therapy. Read More »

5 ways to prevent falls all year

Falls Prevention Awareness Day is one day a year, but the National Council on Aging is offering advice good for all year. Read More »

Congress: The ball is in your court

The building crisis in financing and providing effective long-term care services and supports is an ever-growing problem as discussed in a report by the Commission on Long-Term Care. Read More »

12 steps to QAPI: Step 12: Take systemic action

The final chapter in the series “12 Steps to QAPI” shows how preparation, organization, data and action can correct and improve processes to enhance the quality of care your residents receive. Read More »

Long-term, post-acute care companies support Gay Games

Businesses with ties to older adults are supporting the international Gay Games being held this week. Read More »

Country’s first substance abuse progam for SNF residents opens in NY

New York senior healthcare chain is opening the country’s first substance abuse program integrated with the skilled nursing setting. Read More »

Fall risk: Older adults safer when walking for pleasure rather than necessity

Older adults are at a greater danger of falling when walking for utilitarian purposes such as shopping and appointments than when walking for recreation, according to a new study. Read More »

Senior driving evaluations stymied by insurance, awareness issues

Insurance coverage and healthcare professional awareness could increase the frequency of senior driving evaluations, leading to improved safety on the roads, researchers say. Read More »

2014 Buyers Guide reader survey: Resident Care

Long-Term Living's readers reveal trends in clincial concerns, caregiver workflow, infection prevention and staffing. Read More »

Incontinence focus of new CDC report

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics highlights bladder and bowel control issues among nursing home residents and others, as well as how demographics figure into the picture. Read More »

One-on-one with… Mary Ellen Bloodgood

In our latest executive profile, Long-Term Living spoke with Mary Ellen Bloodgood, CEO of Menorah Park in Syracuse, NY, to learn how she was instrumental in turning around a stand-alone nursing home into a campus that serves not only seniors, but others in the greater community. Read More »

‘Manhattan Project in fall injury prevention’ gets under way

A just-announced five-year, $30 million research project in falls prevention may yield lessons for senior living providers and the residents they serve. Read More »

Rehab services: Staff or contractor?

Three factors will help you determine whether to use in-house or outside resources for rehabilitation and therapy services, say those who have been there. Read More »

Cleveland Clinic’s Cosgrove on short list to lead VA

With the resignation of Eric Shinseki last week, the job as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) had an immediate opening. Read More »

Partnerships@Work: Hip protection goes high-tech

One senior living provider sought a way to reduce hip fractures due to falls and found a product that residents actually will wear. Staff members like it, too, because it's relatively easy to care for. Read More »

Wheelchair workouts improve mobility and more

Sitting in a wheelchair does not mean that a person is incapable of physical activity or the benefits that regular exercise can bring.  Read More »

Let them eat print!

The space program introduced a nation to Tang beverage crystals and the microwave. A new technology may change the way that long-term care residents dine. Read More »

Adult portable bed handles recalled

A potential for injury and/or death from bed handles that can cause entrapment without safety straps triggers a voluntary recall. Read More »

Stroke? Think FAST

I thought all healthcare workers knew the signs and symptoms of stroke. I was wrong. But May, National Stroke Awareness Month, presents an ideal opportunity for long-term care facilities to offer education. Read More »

Helping residents get ‘Happy’ and healthy

An assisted living program director finds a fun activity for residents that spreads a positive message about seniors and the facility, helps residents get a little exercise—and has another, unanticipated effect. Read More »

Low-cost program reduces falls in elderly by 17 percent

As more seniors receive long-term care in their homes and communities, a recent study has found a low-cost way to use existing aging services to aid in falls prevention. Read More »

Facilities using state data to improve quality

Leadership and staff of long-term care (LTC) facilities are focusing their quality improvement efforts on areas that residents value the most by using a tool originally designed for consumers and their families, says one state’s LTC ombudsman. Read More »

High-intensity strength training benefits those with Parkinson’s disease

Recently published research sheds light on the kind of exercise program that can benefit people with Parkinson’s disease. Read More »

Fall risk in those with dementia reduced by high-intensity rehab: study

A high-intensity exercise program shows promise for significantly reducing the risk of falls in people with dementia by improving their basic motor functions. Read More »

A change of perspective

A personal experience helps an aide gain a greater appreciation of residents' needs and the importance of providing prompt assistance. Read More »

Long-term care staff, residents focus of CDC report

A new report from the National Center for Health Statistics contains some surprising and not-so-surprising information for those working in long-term care. Read More »

Chronic pain tip sheet released

A new tip sheet is designed to help healthcare professionals determine the scope, cause and type of chronic pain experienced by those in their care. Read More »

Bed rail safety is subject of new government web page

Two government agencies have collaborated to provide online information on bed rail safety. Read More »

Seniors with dementia benefit from exercise

Improved cognition and ability to perform activities of daily living are two benefits seniors experience when they exercise, according to a new review of 16 studies. The authors say more research is needed, however. Read More »