Post Acute Medical buys HealthSouth’s Beaumont Rehab Hospital

The Beaumont, Texas, location increases Post Acute Medical's market foothold in specialty post-acute care in the state. Read More »

Study: Injections improve knee osteoarthritis without surgery

Does the next promising treatment for OA reside inside our own blood? The surprising results from a new study say it's definitely worth researching. Read More »

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow: Rachel Pankratz, PT, WCC

In our second installment of the Leaders of Tomorrow award winners, Rachel Pankratz, PT, WCC, director of therapy at Larksfield Place, Wichita, Kans., shows what can be done when physical therapy and clinical teams combine efforts in the mission of proactive resident care. Read More »

Arizona State University to build CCRC on campus

The university wants to build a continuing care retirement community on campus. The CCRC could appeal to the roughly 30,000 alumni age 65 and up dwelling in Arizona who want to relive their college years. Only, this time class is optional.  Read More »

Key to continuity of care a single doctor

A piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association found high-risk older adults benefit from having a phsyician follow them throughout their continuum of care from the hospital to the skilled nursing facility to home.  Read More »

FDA clears new tests to diagnose, treat vestibular disorder

Hearing and balance manufacturer GN Otometrics has developed a series of tests to help balance professionals diagnose and treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  Read More »

Botox approved for lower limb spasticity

The latest FDA approval could open new doors for treatment of Parkinson's disease, stroke and brain injury, while improving gait and the ability to perform activities of daily living. Read More »

Joint Commission launches falls prevention analytics tool

The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare has a new tool that has helped many hospitals lower their falls rates by one-third. Can its methodology help your long-term care facility do the same for one of Medicare's "never events"? Read More »

Shifting views on exercise for osteoarthritis

Most recommendations for osteoarthritis tend to favor low-impact exercise, but some research indicates that if the osteoarthritis is mild, a little bit of higher impact exercise might do a lot more good. Read More »

New site shows Medicare drug spending trends

What was the most frequently prescribed drug for seniors? Which ones cost the most? Check out CMS’ new drug spending website. Read More »

The role of occupational therapists

Occupational therapy can promote healing, independence and well-being for residents, but all too often treatments are misunderstood or missing. That prevents barriers to providing the best possible care for long-term care residents. Read More »

Obesity and nursing homes

As obesity rates among older demographics continue to increase, will skilled nursing facilities have the equipment, staff and knowledge to care for them? Maybe not, according to recent findings. Read More »

Care conferences

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears discusses the process of resident care conferences. Read More »

Person-centered care benchmarking survey under way

The LTC industry needs YOU! Be sure to contribute to this new national benchmarking survey on the current state of person-centered care delivery in long-term care. Read More »

Music meets physical therapy

Music may soothe the soul, but a New York nursing home shows that combining music with physical therapy is very good for the body and the cognitively declining mind, too. Read More »

Steroid shots don’t protect joints in knee osteoarthritis

Steroids may help reduce inflammation, but don’t seem to help protect arthritic knees against structural damage, a new study says. Read More »

New video training solution designed to improve cognitive abilities

The Functional Brain Trainer is the first adaptive motion-interaction brain training platform. Read More »

Study recommends combining physical therapy exercise treatments to improve patient outcomes

People with knee osteoarthritis benefit from exercise therapy sessions spread out over the course of a year compared to consecutive sessions, according to new research. Read More »

Getting AFOs repaired

When ankle braces wear out or degrade, getting them back into shape takes more than a simple trip to the local shoemaker. Maintenance and adjustments take time and the services of a good orthotist. Read More »

CMS adds more participants to bundled payments initiative

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced that 2,100 participants have moved on to the contract, risk-bearing period of the bundling pilot program. Read More »

AHCA/NCAL names the 2015 gold quality award winners

Four long-term/post-acute care providers have earned this year's top quality awards from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. Read More »

Upgraded SNF restorative program reduces falls

Dramatic results from a recent study indicate that integrating Progressive Resistance Exercise (PRE) into the active range of motion portion of a restorative program improves strength and balance. Read More »

Photo project captures the picture of joy

Residents at Avanti Senior Living are getting camera-ready for a new photography project about living life passionately in older years. Read More »

White House Conference on Aging: New program and initiative roundup

The White House Conference on Aging was held Monday, and several new programs and initiatives were announced.  Read More »

OIG says SNF billing for changes in therapy needs improvement

The OIG recommends the CMS accelerate its efforts to begin a new method for paying for therapy.  Read More »

Study shows benefits of wearable ventilation technology in respiration therapy

Wearable ventilation device can increase physical activity in those with chronic respiratory disease, notes a new study. Read More »

Fracture recovery research receives funding

Research to improve older adults’ recovery from low-impact fractures and hip fractures has received funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Board of Governors. Read More »

Strength through collaboration

A skilled nursing facility and a local hospital in Pennsylvania team up to bridge the patient's transition from acute to a post-acute setting while delivering effective wound care. Read More »

Stroke recovery centers get new walking therapy

Two companies are partnering to expand the use of a walking-assist device to stroke rehabilitation centers. Read More »

Jewish Home Lifecare gets $500K for dementia respite pilot, outpatient rehab programs

Jewish Home Lifecare has received $500,000 in grants to fund programs for outpatient rehab services and overnight stays for those with dementia. Read More »